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Aromatherapy & Oils

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Aromatherapy Mist  
Aromatherapy Mist - Aura Cacia
          Use as a room freshener or for an instant aromatherapy pick-me-up, these non-aerosol mists contain 100% pure essential oils. Essential Oil Basics Essential oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. Scientists agree that essential oils may perform more than one function in living plants. In some cases they seem to be a part of the plant's immune system. In other cases... [Read More]
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4 oz, Lavender Harvest:   $4.54 Add to Cart
4 oz, Cinnamon Ylang Ylang:   $5.13 Add to Cart
4 oz, Patchouli Sweet Orange:   $5.13 Add to Cart
4 oz, Tangerine Grapefruit:   $5.13 Add to Cart
4 oz, Eucalyptus Harvest:   $5.13 Add to Cart
4 oz, Tea Tree Harvest:   $4.72 Add to Cart
4 oz, Peppermint Harvest:   $5.09 Add to Cart
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Eucalyptus Essential Oil  
Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Distilled from the leaves of the tree, eucalyptus oil has a fresh, penetrating scent and is a common ingredient in salves and cold-care products. Combine with lavandin for a therapeutic chest rub. A diffusion of eucalyptus purifies the atmosphere and clears negative energy.
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16 oz:   $77.38 Add to Cart
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German Chamomile (in jojoba oil) Essential Oil  
German Chamomile (in jojoba oil) Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Chamomile, German - The warm herbaceous aroma of German chamomile has rich, sweet, tobacco-like nuances. This exceptionally calming oil has a beautiful deep indigo color. Add a few drops of German chamomile to skin care oils to make them especially soothing.The precious essential oils used in Aura Cacis's Precious Essential Oils are all tested with gas chromatography to ensure purity and quality. ... [Read More]
Suggested: $9.99
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Lavender Essential Oil  
Lavender Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Lavender s perfectly balanced floral-herbaceous aroma provides an unmatched array of attributes calming, relaxing, refreshing, toning and cleansing making it the most popular oil in aromatherapy.
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0.5 oz:   $7.89 Add to Cart
0.5 oz boxed:   $8.03 Add to Cart
2 oz:   $24.43 Add to Cart
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Lavender - Nature's Alchemy
          Our most highly recommended essential oil line, Nature's Alchemy offers beautifully packaged, 100% pure, high quality natural essential oils!Warning: Concentrated. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children.About Nature's AlchemyFor centuries, botanical essential oils - highly concentrated, aromatic oils found in herbs, flowers and trees - have been used to anoint the body, relax your sen... [Read More]
Suggested: $9.89
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Rose Absolute (in jojoba oil)  
Rose Absolute (in jojoba oil) - Aura Cacia
          With its rich and long-lasting floral aroma, rose is used extensively in quality perfumes as both an aromatic and a fixative. Diffused rose absolute will produce a stabilizing atmosphere during times of stress, anxiety and grief.
Suggested: $9.99
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Peppermint Essential Oil  
Peppermint Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Instantly recognizable, peppermint oil has a very potent minty aroma that produces a cooling and refreshing sensation. Combine peppermint, lavender and a skin care oil for a soothing stomach-massage oil.
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0.5 oz boxed:   $6.42 Add to Cart
2 oz:   $17.17 Add to Cart
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Peppermint Essential Oil  
Peppermint Essential Oil - Woolzies
          Peppermint oil has a strong peppermint scent. It relieves bad breath, nasal congestion, headaches, stress and nausea. The leaves contain menthol, which is a proven aid to digestion. The aroma of Peppermint is known for both its warming and cooling properties. Great for the sinuses.
Suggested: $6.95
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Popular Essential Oils Six Piece Gift Set  
Popular Essential Oils Six Piece Gift Set - Woolzies
           Lavender: 100% pure oil, Soothing and calming lavender scent Peppermint oil: 100% Pure, has a strong peppermint scent. Sweet Orange:100% Pure, antibacterial, Lemon: 100% Pure lemon scent Aromatherapy & laundry use Tea tree oil 100% Pure, Theraputic, Eucalyptus Citradoa: 100% Pure Revitalizing
Suggested: $16.99
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Sweet Orange Essential Oil  
Sweet Orange Essential Oil - Woolzies
           100 percent pure oil Refreshing and uplifting scent Antibacterial, can remove harmful bacteria from food preparation surfaces
Suggested: $9.99
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Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil  
Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Distilled from oil-rich heartwood, Texas cedarwood has similar properties to sandalwood at a fraction of the cost. The oil helps focus thoughts and stabilize the emotions. Mix several drops with citronella and grapefruit for a refreshing patio spray. (Texas cedarwood contains a natural substance that can form crystals in the oil. If this happens, warm the bottle slightly until the crystals dissolv... [Read More]
Suggested: $3.99
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Clove Essential Oil  
Clove Essential Oil - Nature's Answer
          Nature's Answer Organic Essential Oils are naturally concentrated aromatic essences derived from exotic plants grown in pristine areas around the world. As a pioneer in botanical extract technology since 1972, Nature's Answer proudly supplies certified organic therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Certified organic Gluten-free Non-GMO 100% pure USDA Organic Ultra-concentrated
Suggested: $10.99
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Frankincense Essential Oil  
Frankincense Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Used extensively in incense and fine perfumery for thousands of years, frankincense is characterized by a sweet, balsamic aroma. Often used in face creams and oils for aging skin.
Suggested: $28.39
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Frankinense Essential Oil  
Frankinense Essential Oil - Woolzies
          Woolzies best quality 100% Pure Frankincense essential oil. Therapeutic grade.
Suggested: $10.99
Save 36%

Grapefruit Essential Oil  
Grapefruit Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Grapefruit has a tangy, citrus scent that is especially appreciated by children. Combine it with lavender in a bubble bath, or make a refreshing travel mist by blending it with peppermint and water in a spritzer bottle.
Suggested: $9.85
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Heart Song Essential Oil Blends  
Heart Song Essential Oil Blends - Aura Cacia
          Blended with lavender, rosewood, geranium and rose absolute. Soothes the body, calms the mind and sensualizes the spirit.
Suggested: $10.29
Save 37%

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil  
Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          A common ingredient in perfumes, the exotic floral aroma of jasmine is potent and radiant. It s a sensual oil, making it an ideal addition to intimate massage.
Suggested: $14.99
Save 38%

Pain Relief Blend Essential Oil  
Pain Relief Blend Essential Oil - Woolzies
          Relax those aching muscles with Woolzies muscle relief blend. Will help relieve pain due to arthritis, back & joint pain.
Suggested: $17.99
Save 25%

Tea Tree Essential Oil  
Tea Tree Essential Oil - Woolzies
          Tea tree oil helps the immune system. It is used to ward infection of any kind, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Tea tree oil can help with influenza, cold sores, congestions, asthma and coughs.
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1 oz:   $5.18 Add to Cart
4 oz:   $10.35 Add to Cart
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100% Pure Lemon Oil  
100% Pure Lemon Oil - Aura Cacia
          Expressed from the peel of the fresh fruit, lemon oil is a sweetly scented, purifying oil. It combines well with tea tree in cleansing applications for blemishes. Botanical Name: Citrus x limon Common Name: Lemon Color: Yellow to greenish-yellow Viscosity: Mobile Top Note: Rich, fresh sweet, reminiscent of the ripe peel. Aromatherapy Actions: Uplifting, energizing, refreshing, cheering Processing... [Read More]
Suggested: $5.59
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Clary Sage Essential Oil  
Clary Sage Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Clary sage is a key ingredient in many skincare formulas. It has a sweet, soothing aroma with intriguing musk and wine-like nuances. This popular oil tones the skin, balances the emotions and lifts the spirit.
Suggested: $13.39
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Essential Oil - Basic  
Essential Oil - Basic - Bindi
          Replenish and nourish your skin with three golden drops of this specially blended formula of seven essential oils. These purest of oils are quickly absorbed to repair and restore equilibrium to damaged skin by cell regeneration to help deter the skin's aging process. Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil: Rejuvenator Lemon: Firming, astringent Geranium: Hydrates the skin Rosemary: Stimulant Sandalwood: C... [Read More]
Suggested: $39.60
Save 35%

Geranium Essential Oil  
Geranium Essential Oil - Aura Cacia
          Geranium has a rose-like aroma with minty undertones. An important ingredient in many skin care products, it provides balancing properties to both dry and oily complexions. Add a few drops to face cleansers to supplement their effects.
Suggested: $14.99
Save 34%

Orange Sweet Essential Oil Certified Organic  
Orange Sweet Essential Oil Certified Organic - Aura Cacia
          The familiar orange scent makes this one of the world's most popular oils and the heart of many floral blends. Sweet orange's gentle, clarifying nature cheers the heart and brightens the mood. Diffuse it often to maintain a wholesome, positively charged atmosphere.
Suggested: $4.99
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