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Boosta Shampoo  
Boosta Shampoo - Unite
          Unite Boosta Shampoo is a volatizing shampoo that builds weightless body and brilliant shine. It provides gentle cleansing with thick lather that builds body, weightless volume and leaves your hair moisturized with a beautiful, healthy sheen.
Suggested: $28.50
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Boosta Spray  
Boosta Spray - Unite
          Unite Boosta Spray builds body, giving your hair lift and weightless volume.Spray thoroughly on damp hair from about 6 to 8 inches away from head and style.
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8 oz:   $15.56 Add to Cart
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Fragrance Free Shampoo  
Fragrance Free Shampoo - Desert Essence
          Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo is a gentle yet effective unscented shampoo. Organic extracts and oils provide moisture, minerals, and vitamins that hair needs to grow stronger. Upon use, hair is softer, shinier, and more manageable.Organic Green Tea: Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, Green Tea gives the hair gloss and shine.Organic Jojoba Oil: An ingredient that acts on the sca... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.99
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L.A. Hold Hair Spray  
L.A. Hold Hair Spray - Giovanni Hair Care Products
           Pure Organic Technology Maximum Hold PureOrganic Technology: A blend of organic oils, ripe-harvested from renewable plants at the peak of their freshness, cold pressed and refrigerated immediately to ensure maximum purity.
Suggested: $2.99
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Permanent Hair Colorant 7G Golden Blonde  
Permanent Hair Colorant 7G Golden Blonde - Naturtint
          Discover a new concept in hair coloration that gives you healthy and revitalised hair. Discover Naturtint Green Technologies, the first 100% permanent hair colorant without amonia formulated with active vegetable ingredients. A unique and perfect union of colour and care.Maximum CareAmmonia and Resorcinol FreeFormulated without ammonia or resorcinol, colours your hair gently so you won't need to r... [Read More]
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12 pack:   $140.54 Add to Cart
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Pine Tar Shampoo  
Pine Tar Shampoo - Grandpas
          Grandpa's Pine Tar Shampoo helps remove flakes of dandruff, seborrhea and psoriasis. Safe, effective for all hair types.
Suggested: $10.99
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Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze  
Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze - CHI
          CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze ultimate formula will provide incredible volume, body and thickness to the hair. This weightless liquid bodifying glaze provides flexible hold to deliver long lasting style control while leaving hair full of volume and shine.
Suggested: $15.50
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2Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Flat Iron Styling Mist  
2Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Flat Iron Styling Mist - Giovanni Hair Care Products
          Face the heat, protect your assets, and style your way to smooth, silky, touchable locks with Giovanni's 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin ans Argan Oil Flat Iron Styling Mist. So rich - Giovanni's exclusive Dual Smoothing Complex with plant-sourced protein. Crucial manageability gets a major boost, as each strand is flawlessly smoothes with Giovanni's 2Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Flat Iron Styling ... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.99
Save 35%

Black Seed Shampoo  
Black Seed Shampoo - Amazing Herbs
          In ancient Egyptian society, the rich golden oil pressed from the Black (Cumin) Seed was named "Pharaoh's Oil." The people in this civilization used this oil externally to nourish the skin and hair. The Pharaoh's personal physician is said to have carried around a bowl of Black Seeds to aid digestion. The Black Seed was so treasured that King Tutankhamun chose to be buried with a bottle of it. Eve... [Read More]
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8 oz, Invigorating Herbal:   $5.42 Add to Cart
8 oz, Moisturizing Honey:   $4.99 Add to Cart
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Herbatint Swedish Blonde Hair Color 10C  
Herbatint Swedish Blonde Hair Color 10C - Herbatint
          Herbatints are free of harsh chemicals and ammonia, instead utilizing proteins, botanicals and vegetal extracts to create their effective hair coloring treatment. Herbatints are permanent, and one package is good for one treatment for medium-long hair, or two treatments for shorter hair.
Suggested: $16.99
Save 35%

Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo  
Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo - PHYTO PARIS
          A plumping shampoo for aging hair. A mix of vernonia and grape polyphenols to invigorate the scalp and revitalize the beauty of the hair. Hyaluronic acid penetrates at the heart of the hair fiber and acacia collagen strengthens and protects the hair cuticle- both work to enrich the formula to give body and substance to the hair. This lightweight shampoo gently cleanses and leaves hair feeling more... [Read More]
Suggested: $29.00
Save 39%

2Chic Ultra-Volume Hair Spray  
2Chic Ultra-Volume Hair Spray - Giovanni Hair Care Products
          Create maximum body with Giovanni 2Chic Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray - a clarifying blend of juicy tangerine and nourishing buttery papaya. It is a lightweight styling spray that is a bit of a control freak, but the feel is always satin-soft and shiny. Offers touchable, modern hold and control. Provides long-lasting weightless hold Resists humidity Maximizes hair hei... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.99
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Biotene H-24 Natural Scalp Massage Emulsion  
Biotene H-24 Natural Scalp Massage Emulsion - Mill Creek
          Thicker Fuller Hair NaturallyBiotinBiotin is an essential component of the B-Complex family and is a key factor for healthy looking hair. Our therapy formula helps replenish important nutrients for thicker, more full-bodied hair. The Biotin Shampoo and Conditioners contain the finest natural ingredients, combined to give hair fullness, strength, body and luster.Biotene H-24 Scalp Massage EmulsionA... [Read More]
Suggested: $11.95
Save 28%

Color The Gray Dark Brown  
Color The Gray Dark Brown - Light Mountain
           A natural hair color that covers the gray and conditions your hair Recommended by safe shoppers bible. Non-carcinogenic Conditions and adds body to hair while it colors Includes hat, gloves and step by step instructions
Suggested: $10.95
Save 29%

Curl Gloss  
Curl Gloss - Oribe
          Curl without crunch. This lightweight glossing gel shapes and shines for ultra-hydrating control. A blend of Brazilian extracts, including passion flower, jicama and cupuacu fight humidity and deeply condition for soft yet defined curls that hold all day.
Suggested: $38.00
Save 36%

Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse  
Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse - Oribe
          Each luxe pouf gives hair an exaggerated sense of body and structure, without the slightest hint of crunch. All-day memory leaves styles supremely soft yet set, for hair that's thicker, fuller, larger than life.

Herbatint Dark Ashnut Blonde Hair Color 6C  
Herbatint Dark Ashnut Blonde Hair Color 6C - Herbatint
          Herbatint is a permanent hair coloring with a natural herbal base and no ammonia that gently colors and protects hair structure while giving hair a deep natural gloss and brilliance.Herbatint with the natural color series from 1N to 8N, colors white hair from hair from the first application. The color 8N, 9N and 10N have a lightening capacity of two tones. It is the only color that has the advanta... [Read More]
Suggested: $16.99
Save 42%

Lazer Straight Conditioner  
Lazer Straight Conditioner - Unite
          Unite Lazer Straight Conditioner is a straightening conditioner that tames and controls curls, tangles, and frizz. It helps seal in moisture, enhance shine, and ensure smooth, sleek style.
Suggested: $30.50
Save 45%

Natural Hair Color & Conditioner Bright Red  
Natural Hair Color & Conditioner Bright Red - Light Mountain
          Light Mountain Natural Hair Color: There is a danger of commercial chemical hair dyes. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 20% of the non-Hodgkinst lymphoma (the cancer that killed Jackie Kennedy-Onassis) is linked to the use of such dyes. Other cancers include bladder, breast cancer and leukemia have been linked to those products. Light Mountain Natural hair colors are pure botanical pro... [Read More]
Suggested: $6.99
Save 29%

Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo  
Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo - PHYTO PARIS
          A fortifying shampoo for hair prone to chronic and severe hair thinning. Increases microcirculation and stimulates the scalp. Fortifies the scalp. Imparts strength and vitality to hair.
Suggested: $24.00
Save 47%

Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray  
Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray - PHYTO PARIS
          A heat-activated spray that creates and holds voluminous styles. Lifts hair at the roots for lasting body. Creates fullness and bounce that is never stiff or dry.
Suggested: $30.00
Save 41%

Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo  
Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo - PHYTO PARIS
          A volumizing shampoo to infuse body and bounce into fine, flat hair. Gently cleanses as it hydrates for fuller and shinier hair. Lifts hair at the root for added volume.
Suggested: $24.00
Save 42%

SeaExtend Volumizing Fix Hairspray  
SeaExtend Volumizing Fix Hairspray - AQUAGE
          Create different levels of volume and texture with the SeaExtend Volumizing Fix Hairspray. Gives your hair a touchable hold, while locking out humidity and diminishing frizz. Defines and gives your hair subtle separation to get a chic, tousled look. Designed with Thermal-V to protect against color fade and UVA/UVB protection.
Suggested: $25.00
Save 38%

Tea Tree Wax Strips  
Tea Tree Wax Strips - Parissa
          Parrisa, the only professional hair removal system for home use. Parrisa Wax Strips, precoated with professional quality wax, provide safe, fast, long term relief from unwanted hair. Parissa Azulene Oil cleans and soothes the skin after waxing and with regular use helps to prevent ingrown hair and inhibit hair growth. Together this superior method guarantees perfect hair removal for smooth supple ... [Read More]
Suggested: $11.99
Save 29%