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Blonda Shampoo  
Blonda Shampoo - Unite
          Unite Blonda Shampoo is designed specifically for blonde hair to help fight brassiness. Mild sulfates help provide simultaneous cleansing and toning.
Suggested: $28.50
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Boar Bristle Hair Brush  
Boar Bristle Hair Brush - Beauty By Earth
          The boar bristle hair brush combines pure boar bristles (boars hair) and nylon pins in a unique configuration that both detangles stubborn knots and spreads nourishing oils from your scalp all along the length of your hair. Each long nylon pin is placed to help get rid of tangles while stimulating your scalp, while the shorter bristles move oils from your scalp to your tips. The result? Shiny, hap... [Read More]
Suggested: $17.99
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Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector  
Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector - Desert Essence
          A unique blend of 4 desert botanicals and coconut oil extracts help prevent and repair damage to hair, leaving hair smooth and healthy. This lightweight spray penetrates hair cuticle and conditions from within, protecting the surface of the hair against further damage. Jojoba seed extract conditions and adds shine. Moisturizes hair and restores healthy luster Leaves hair smooth and soft Protects ... [Read More]
Suggested: $9.99
Save 45%

Coconut Shampoo  
Coconut Shampoo - Desert Essence
          Bring back shine and health to over-processed, dry hair. Infused with organic coconut oil to provide intense moisture, smooth frizzies, and restore hair's natural luster. With continued use, hair looks revived, strong, and healthy.
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Conditioner for Beautiful Color  
Conditioner for Beautiful Color - Oribe
          Have you chemically treated your hair too much, try this Oribe conditioner for beautiful hair. It will help restore color treated hair to its original shine and keep protecting from harmful UV rays. Formulated without parabens or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair.
Suggested: $48.00
Save 40%

Herbatint Light Copper Blonde Hair Color 8R  
Herbatint Light Copper Blonde Hair Color 8R - Herbatint
          Herbatint provides permanent color in only one application, which can only be removed by growing the color out. Our product uses a natural herbal base with no ammonia. Utilizing the many beneficial properties obtained from herbal extracts and proteins, Herbatint gently colors and protects the sensitive structure of your hair giving a deep natural gloss and brilliance. You can also lighten your hai... [Read More]
Suggested: $16.99
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Herbatint Swedish Blonde Hair Color 10C  
Herbatint Swedish Blonde Hair Color 10C - Herbatint
          Herbatints are free of harsh chemicals and ammonia, instead utilizing proteins, botanicals and vegetal extracts to create their effective hair coloring treatment. Herbatints are permanent, and one package is good for one treatment for medium-long hair, or two treatments for shorter hair.
Suggested: $16.99
Save 35%

Keratin Shampoo  
Keratin Shampoo - CHI
          Instantly transform weak, chemically, mechanically or environmentally abused hair into strong, healthy, smooth locks. CHI Keratin Shampoo combines the natural reconstructing power of keratin, the essential nourishments of jojoba and argan oils and the breakthrough technology of Keratrix, which utilizes sustained release system technology for all-day treatment and protection. This highly sophistica... [Read More]
Suggested: $17.00
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Magnified Volume Finishing Spray  
Magnified Volume Finishing Spray - CHI
          CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Hair Spray.
Suggested: $20.50
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Masque for Beautiful Color  
Masque for Beautiful Color - Oribe
          Add life and shine to your hair with the latest color-maintenance technology. Intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning, color-protecting UV filters and next-generation frizz-taming bio-polymers supercharge this color-enhancing, hair-repairing, glossifying masque.
Suggested: $63.00
Save 37%

Perfect Hold Sunflower & Citrus Hair Spray  
Perfect Hold Sunflower & Citrus Hair Spray - Andalou Naturals
          Andalou Naturals Hair Spray Perfect Hold Sunflower & Citrus benefits all hair types. Andalou Naturals Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science improves hair follicle longevity and vitality for healthy hair from root to tip. Medium hold formula for flexible style and healthy shine. Controls static and shields against humidity, frizz and flyaways. Color Safe. Benefits: All hair types. Active Ingredients... [Read More]
Suggested: $9.99
Save 35%

Permanent Hair Colorant Light Chestnut Brown (5N)  
Permanent Hair Colorant Light Chestnut Brown (5N) - Naturtint
          Discover a new concept in hair coloration that gives you healthy and revitalised hair. Discover Naturtint Green Technologies, the first 100% permanent hair colorant without amonia formulated with active vegetable ingredients. A unique and perfect union of colour and care.Maximum CareAmmonia and Resorcinol FreeFormulated without ammonia or resorcinol, colours your hair gently so you won't need to r... [Read More]
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Shampoo for Beautiful Color  
Shampoo for Beautiful Color - Oribe
          An ultra-gentle cleanser for ultra-beautiful color. Extend the bright, happy life of your dye with high-tech ingredients that target damaged areas for intense moisture treatment and protect your hue from the elements.
Suggested: $16.00
Save 36%

Shine Of The Times Finishing Mist  
Shine Of The Times Finishing Mist - Giovanni Hair Care Products
          Smooth FrizzSeal in styleFinish your look with sexified shineNot greasy or oily and washes out. Provides hair with exceptional shine while locking in color and controlling frizz. It also contains a suncreen tha is derived from cinnamon
Suggested: $8.99
Save 35%

Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream  
Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream - Oribe
          A luxe reinvention of leave-in conditioner, this supreme cream satisfies the thirstiest hair, calming frizz, elevating shine and restoring hair to supernatural softness. Especially designed for fine to medium and extra-long hair. Work into wet hair. Blow out or dry naturally. Use on strays throughout the day.
Suggested: $52.00
Save 37%

Wax Strips Legs & Body  
Wax Strips Legs & Body - Parissa
          Wax Strips for Legs & Body: a mess-free, express hair remover that's ready to use. Zip away body hair instantly keeping skin smooth up to 6 weeks. Large Wax Strips with clear backing for fast, pro-style hair removal. Includes a vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevents ingrown hair.
Suggested: $15.99
Save 37%

2Chic Ultra Repair Hair Mask  
2Chic Ultra Repair Hair Mask - Giovanni Hair Care Products
          2Chic Ultra Repair Hair Mask is for damaged, over processed hair. It is an essential blend bursting with antioxidant power that combines freshly ripened Blackberries and the sweet nectar of Coconut Milk. Energize each strand by drenching hair in moisture. This ambrosia of intoxicating deliciousness leaves hair with the strongest cross of nutrition and replenishment. Revitalizes frayed, raspy, dam... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.99
Save 34%

2Chic Ultra-Volume Hair Spray  
2Chic Ultra-Volume Hair Spray - Giovanni Hair Care Products
          Create maximum body with Giovanni 2Chic Tangerine & Papaya Butter Ultra-Volume Big Body Hair Spray - a clarifying blend of juicy tangerine and nourishing buttery papaya. It is a lightweight styling spray that is a bit of a control freak, but the feel is always satin-soft and shiny. Offers touchable, modern hold and control. Provides long-lasting weightless hold Resists humidity Maximizes hair hei... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.99
Save 34%

7 Seconds Refresher  
7 Seconds Refresher - Unite
          Unite 7 Seconds Refresher is a dry shampoo designed to refresh tired hair needing new life.
Suggested: $28.50
Save 44%

Air Spin n Curl  
Air Spin n Curl - CHI
          Create flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with the CHI Air Spin n Curl. Hair is drawn into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves every time! The digital temperature display offers easily adjustable temperature settings and a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a customizable styling experience while avoidi... [Read More]

Biotene H-24  
Biotene H-24 - Mill Creek
          Biotin is an essential component of the B-Complex family and is a key factor for healthy looking hair. Our therapy formula helps replenish important nutrients for thicker, more full-bodied hair. The Biotin Shampoo and Conditioners contain the finest natural ingredients, combined to give hair fullness, strength, body and luster.Biotene H-24 Conditioning Hair Spray adds control to your hair, without... [Read More]
Suggested: $8.95
Save 28%

Blow & Set Lotion  
Blow & Set Lotion - Unite
          Unite Blow & Set Lotion is designed to be a multi-action sculpting cream that helps lift, curl and smooth hair. It helps protect hair from heat and adds shine and volume.
Suggested: $27.50
Save 45%

Bright Blonde Conditioner for Beautiful Color  
Bright Blonde Conditioner for Beautiful Color - Oribe
          Restore brightness and shine to blonde and silver hair. This deeply nourishing violet conditioner corrects brassiness and yellow tones while imparting strength, softness and sheen for hair that is truly enlightened. Dermatologist tested. Formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Color and keratin treatment safe. UV protection for hair. Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.
Suggested: $48.00
Save 37%

Extra Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo for Sensitive Hair and Scalp  
Extra Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo for Sensitive Hair and Scalp - Earth Science
          An extra gentle shampoo created for those people who prefer to avoid fragrance, or with sensitive hair or scalp. Made with mild coconut-based cleansers, and rich emollients that protect natural oils and promote healthy hair and scalp. Extracts of wheat germ, jojoba and chamomile leave hair revitalized and manageable. Unscented and Vegan.
Suggested: $7.29
Save 20%