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Green Tea Extract  
Green Tea Extract - Source Naturals
          Source Naturals Green Tea Extract offers a convenient way to get the benefits of green tea in a highly concentrated form. The extract is standardized for bioflavonoid-like antioxidants known as polyphenols, particularly (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). EGCG has been found in scientific studies to be a potent antioxidant.
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Holy Basil Extract  
Holy Basil Extract - Source Naturals
          Holy basil (known as tulsi in Ayurveda) is one of the primary botanicals used in India for reducing the negative effects of stress by lowering cortisol production in the adrenals. In vitro research shows the ursolic acid in holy basil inhibits COX-2, an inflammatory enzyme. As a powerful adaptogen, it helps maintain normal blood sugar levels when used as part of your diet, as well as promote focus... [Read More]
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Smilax - Source Naturals
          Smilax, also known as sarsaparilla, is a popular herbal extract.
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Ultra Inosine  
Ultra Inosine - Source Naturals
          Ultra Inosine combines inosine with a unique formula of key nutrients and herbs.
Suggested: $22.50
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Wellness Breathe Free  
Wellness Breathe Free - Source Naturals
          Facilitate upper respiratory wellness with a unique herbal extract from the African geranium, Pelargonium sidoides. The herbal constituents of WELLNESS BREATHE FREE have been used for centuries in South Africa to decrease and shorten the temporary effects of common seasonal imbalances. It gives natural support for overall respiratory health.
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Turmeric 500  
Turmeric 500 - Source Naturals
          Research shows that turmeric root supports a healthy inflammation response. Turmeric supports the liver and its detoxifying properties, and has powerful antioxidant activity. Turmeric is difficult to absorb, so BioPerine is added to enhance bioavailability. Unlike inflammation associated with disease states, metabolic inflammation is a healthy body's response to everyday stressors such as poor die... [Read More]
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Theracurmin - Source Naturals
          Source Naturals Theracurmin supports the body's healthy inflammatory response with one of the most advanced forms of curcumin available, shown in research to provide faster dispersion and superior bioavailability. Curcumin is an important constituent of turmeric, the deep gold spice made from the rhizome of a plant in the ginger family. Theracurmin was shown in one study to be 27 times more bioava... [Read More]
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Perluxan Comfort  
Perluxan Comfort - Source Naturals
          Source Naturals Perluxan Comfort provides hops extract standardized to 80% naturally occurring alpha-acids, used traditionally to support health and comfort. Hops have been cultivated by humans for over a thousand years. While famous for being a major ingredient in brewing beer, hops have also been traditionally used by European herbalists and the Eclectic herbal practitioners of North America.
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