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Item #10460
Neuro Muscular Rejuvenater by Blue Sky Herbal
Neuro Muscular Rejuvenater
Size:60 capsule
Neuro Muscular Rejuvenator contains 18 different herbs. This composition helps to build immunity to fight viral and bacterial infections. Helps people suffering from diabetic neuropathy and debility. Prolonged use of Neuro Muscular Rejuvenator will not have any adverse side effects. Ipomea Digitata, one of the prominent herbs, has analgesic and nutritional effects on the neuromuscular system. Asphaltum (Shilajit) is also a major ingredient in Tonisan Forte, which helps increase vigor with catalyzing the action of the supplement at the neuromuscular level. Manganese Oxide (Mandur Bhasma) in this preparation enriches hemoglobin within a short period of time. Calcium of the Horn (Mrigsringa Bhasma) works as a supportive ingredient in this preparation. Tonisan Forte has several ingredients to support metabolic factors to fight infection and deficiencies in the body.
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