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Item #10778
Cal/Mag Skeletal Rejuvenator by Harmonic Innerprizes
Cal/Mag Skeletal Rejuvenator
The most important consideration for choosing a calcium supplement is being sure that it provides all the co-nutrients necessary for calcium's absorption into the bone. Without these other nutrients, calcium becomes deposited on the soft tissues of the body, rather than supporting skeletal health. Overcalcification of the soft tissues of the body contribute to cardiovascular disease and pre-mature aging. Cal/Mag Maximum Skeletal Support has been scientifically formulated to support the body's natural processes that remove weakened cells and old minerals from the bone matrix into the blood system for removal through the kidneys (osteoclasts), and uptake new minerals into the bone matrix (osteoblast) that replace the no longer useful, depleted material. This is the body's natural process that keeps bones healthy and strong. With the dramatic rises in degenerative skeletal and cardiovascular diseases, it is clear that most calcium supplements do not address this natural process.
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