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Item #13537
Extra Body Oil-Free Shampoo by Mill Creek
Extra Body Oil-Free Shampoo
Size:16 oz

Mill Creek now features the highest quality of Organically based and nutrient-rich blends for beautiful hair. We believe that the truest, most honest beauty comes from trusting the wonders nature reveals and enjoying the benefits of nature's beauty secrets. Look to Mill Creek Botanicals for hair care that's fresh and effective - our wholesome blends make a true difference on your hair.

Oil Free

Beautiful hair is clean, glowing and manageable hair. There is no reason for shampoos and conditioners to contain oil as oil does not clean or condition the hair. Oils and animal by-products coat the hair with a heavy film, leaving hair looking dull and lifeless. Our oil-free line, Sleepy Hollow, will leave your hair clean and glowing - guaranteed.

Oil-Free Extra Body Shampoo

This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, giving it an extra glow and added body and luster. A natural shampoo recommended for fine, listless hair. 16 ounce size.

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