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Item #15121
YeastGuard Advanced Probiotic Suppository by Women
YeastGuard Advanced Probiotic Suppository
Size:10 piece
Yeast Gard Advanced product feature our 100% natural Probiotic formula that treats the symptoms of a yeast infection while preventing it from returning. * Use regularly to Prevent Future Occurrences * Helps relieve Burning, Itching and Irritation * New Homeopathic Formula Suppositories * Natural works with the body;s immune system * Promotes overall vaginal health and balanced vaginal flora * Helps maintain a balanced vaginal environment You can't see them, but yeast cells live on all surfaces of our bodies. Under normal circumstances, they are harmless. But under certain conditions they multiply excessively, particularly in warm, moist areas of the body. For example, in the vagina. When this happens, the result is a vaginal yeast infection. Although yeast infections are irritating and can reoccur, they seldom lead to major health problems.
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