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Item #16277
Organic Salba Ground Seed by Salba Smart
Organic Salba Ground Seed
Nature's Most Convenient Source of Omega-3s & Fiber 
Salba Ground Seed is a convenient, pre-milled version of Salba Whole Seed. Like Whole Seed, Salba Ground Seed also has more Omega-3s and Fiber than any other whole food in nature. Salba products have been praised by Men's Health, Better Nutrition, and Functional Ingredients as one of the best natural products on the market for cardiovascular and digestive health. 

Whole Food Nutrition Made Easy
This convenient product is perfect for the person who wants to integrate balanced whole food nutrition into a hectic lifestyle. With an arsenal of quality nutrients - Magnesium, Protein, Calcium, Antioxidants, Potassium, Iron, and Folate - Salba Ground Seed is a complete nutrition solution. 

Using Salba Gound Seed: 
Sprinkle it into yogurt, cereal, smoothies, oatmel - even use it as a flour substitute (3 parts flour, 1 part Salba Ground Seed).
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