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Item #17419
Ultimate Fiber Cleanse Citrus by Nature's Secret
Ultimate Fiber Cleanse Citrus
Size:7.9 oz

 Digestion & Elimination


Daily Support for the Regularity & Proper Elimination. 

Probiotics to Renew & Replenish Your Digestive System.

Ultimate Fiber® is an important part of the internal Cleanse Platform. Ultimate Fiber contains F.O.S. for the proliferation of the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal system. Ultimate Fiber does not swell, gel or bind up like most other fiber supplements. It gently cleanses and nourishes the colon.

Ultimate Fiber was designed with fiber sensitive individuals in mind. Many researchers recommend that adults consume 25.35 grams of dietary fiber per day.

They believe that the three steps to optimum health include:
1) cleansing your body internally; 2)nourishing your body; and 3) finding solutions to specific needs and health concerns. Look for additional products from Nature's Secret®: Ultimate B®, Rezyme®, Ultimate Green®, Ultimate Multi-Plus™, Ultimate Cleanse®, Ultimate Oil®, Super Cleanse® For Your Colon, Candistroy® and Ultimate Wight Loss.

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