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Item #17540
Hot Flash Rescue Moisturizing Lotion by Peaceful Mountain
Hot Flash Rescue Moisturizing Lotion
Size:4 oz
  • The Height of Health
  • Metered Dose Pump
  • Moisturizing Lotion
  • For Menopausal or PMS Discomfort
  • Supports Emotional Balance
  • Fast Relief,
  • No Mineral or Petroleum

Women who are in or approaching menopause experience a decline in the production of progesterone, which causes a condition of hormonal imbalance commonly referred to as estrogen dominance. This imbalance may cause hot flashes-sudden brief sensations of body heat. At night, hot flashes can interrupt or disturb sleep.

Facilitating the balance of estrogen levels with Black Cohosh and the progesterone-like compound found in wild yams can reduce many pre- menstrual concerns and greatly reduce hot flashes, as well as support normal function for changes of life.

Black Cohosh and Sage have been used for centuries by Native American women to alleviate discomfort due to changing hormone levels.

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