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Item #17977
Cinnamon Slim Tea by Hobe Laboratories
Cinnamon Slim Tea
  • 100% Natural 
  • Satisfies, Slims & Cleanses
  • Lychee Tea & Herbal Blend
  • Balanced Diet Plan Included

Drink Delicious , Slimming , Calming Cinnamon Slim Tea Anytime, Hot or Iced ... and See The Results!

The Cinnamon Slim Tea blend of 100% natural, special Lychee Tea, cinnamon and herbs has been renowned for its satisfying, delicious taste and slimming and cleansing benefits.  This special blend of Lychee tea has been handed down over many dynasties and is still made the same special way as centuries ago.  The tea leaves, having just  reached their peak, are withered, rolled, fully oxidized, treated with the juice of the Lychee fruit and then spread out to dry to provide the light, satisfying taste and slimming benefits of every cup of Cinnamon Slim Tea.


Cinnamon Slim TEa helps increase the metabolism of the body to improve digestion and allow the body to relax after meals, before bedtime and in times of stress.  Cinnamon Slim Tea also acts as a reducing aid by gently helping cleanse the digestive system.

Cinnamon Slim Tea is made only from rare hand-picked Chinese tea leaves.  Cinnamon Slim Tea is a refreshing fragrant blend of Chinese Lychee tea and herbs for weight loss with a delightful cinnamon flavor and rich, deep color.  Enjoyed after meals, Cinnamon Slim Tea serves as a diuretic that helps clean the digestive system, reducing water retention and ridding  the body of impurities.

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