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Cool Cucumber Facial Toner

Size:5 oz

DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner  (150 ml)

Cool, Green and Serene...Wrap yourself in the calming aroma of fresh cucumbers and chamomile with DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner. DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner is a uniquely relaxing, yet exhilarating all natural skin toner that will become an addiction! But why use a toner such as DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner? Because toners, such as DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner, are important. DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner removes any residuals left behind after cleansing. DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner also helps to normalize hydration levels and open the skin's receptors sites so that it can receive the full benefit of any treatment products or moisturizers that follow. DeVita Natural Skin Care's Cool Cucumber Toner contains an extremely gentle blend of naturally active fruit acids that helps to promote the feeling of smoother, fresher-looking skin. DeVita Natural Skin Care's Cool Cucumber Toner also contains soothing Allantoin and Japanese Green Tea to help to quell and calm any visible appearance of redness and reactivity. DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner is a crisp, clean toner that is for all skin types. DeVita Natural Skin Care Cool Cucumber Toner is even great for men - now that's cool!

***2008 Award Winning Product*** Voted as a "We Also Loved" EDITORS PICK by Natural Solutions Magazine "Beauty with a Conscience Award" - they said it was a "a great midday beauty refresher". DeVita thinks it's a daily must for those who like to indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience everyday! Once you incorporate a toner into your daily facile regime, you will never stop. Toners help to clarify any residuals left behind in addition to helping to decrease pore size and lift the skin leaving behind a clean and refreshed face. You'll love it!

For over ten years now DeVita has been dedicated to developing beautifully pure age defying skin care products. DeVita now brings that care and expertise to their exclusive line of color cosmetics- [] minerals. Just great, healthy coverage you can count on absoluterly....

DeVita's Philosophy
For thousands of years, rare essential and vegetal oils such as frankincense, rose, sage, chamomile and avocado were a pure and natural source of healing power for the body and spirit, and were considered to be more valuable than gold. Today, essential oils remain the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known to man, and are even more valuable as essential nutrition for your skin DeVita specializes in high-tech natural therapeutic skin care products also known as "cosmeceuticals" which utilize organic and ethically wild crafted 100% pure essential oils, whole herb extracts and amino acids.

DeVita uses a scientifically advanced botanical delivery system engineered by nature for optimum results...healthy, vibrant skin. DeVita, meaning "of life", is the philosophy behind our exclusive natural skin care product line, developed through this perfect combination of nature and science. DeVita believes essential oils are truly gifts from nature, and can t be duplicated. DeVita is committed to delivering the best nature has to offer to their clients, and will continue to preserve their relationships without compromise.

Exclusively Yours
All of DeVita's products have been formulated for those living with sensitive skin, mature skin and troubled, acne-prone skin.

DeVita's team of estheticians, natural cosmetic chemists and dermatologists combine their expertise to ensure the effectiveness and quality of all of our products. With DeVita, you don't have to choose which product is right for you... each formulation utilizes the bio-intelligence of nature s rare essential oils to balance, restore, enhance the skin's natural biochemistry.

DeVita's exclusive line of cosmeceuticals gets down to the root cause of premature aging skin and helps your body naturally heal itself. All of the extracts and essential oils used in the DeVita Natural Skin Care line are alcohol, fragrance and pesticide free. Additionally, care was taken to assure no animal testing was used in the development and production of these exclusive formulas.

While many companies offer you one product in a jar "that does it all," chemistry shows this combination can cancel out the effectiveness of some of the active compounds in some products. DeVita worked closely and diligently with leading skin care specialists and always reached the same conclusion... the only way to really benefit from each product is to keep them apart... so DeVita has kept them apart. Literally days after using DeVita's entire skin care line for your regime, you ll discover the ease of its design and experience maximum results.


* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.