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Item #18517
Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths by EcoCloth
Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths
Size:1 Cloth
Making the digital devices you re in touch with clean and hygienic.

This world has evolved into one that lets us communicate, enjoy customized music, and get information anywhere we go. Now there s a way to effectively clean and protect cell phones, MP3 Players, PDAs, GPSs and Rangefinders. Hand-held digital devices continually collect greasy fingerprints, dirt, oil, and disgusting bacteria. They also have sensitive screens requiring careful cleaning that doesn t damage them. E-cloth s peerless fabrication creates a microscopic textured fiber that penetrates and thoroughly removes all these forms of grime with no harm to electronics or screens.

Safe cell phone cleaning because of its constant contact with the facial area, cell phones have cleaning issues all their own. Lipstick, hairspray, make-up, sweat and saliva allow grime and bacteria build-up. E-cloth removes these impurities naturally using just fiber function. On stubborn build-up, slightly dampen part of the cloth with plain tap water and wipe the phone. Just water never any chemicals.

Protects your investment regular cleaning prolongs the life of expensive
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