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Range & Stovetop Pack

Size:2 Cloths
(1) 12.5'x12.5' Range & Stovetop Cloth
(1) 18'x15.5' Finishing Cloth

Why E-cloth versus cleaning stoves and ranges with other cleaning supplies?It makes one of the hardest cleaning chores easier for you and chemical-free to boot.

The secret behind keeping your stove's outer surfaces clean and polished? E-cloth, water and your commitment to take a minute to wipe it off after each use. Doing so doesn't allow grease and cooking spills to build-up into a caked-on mess that takes extraordinary means (and typically unhealthy chemicals) to clean.

E-cloth's modern fabrication creates microscopic texturing with each fiber being about 1/100 the width of a human hair. This creates millions of 'cleaning edges' to penetrate and remove grease, oil, cooking spills and bacteria from any type of cook top (ceramic, enamel, stainless steel). It is a cleaning power that uses just water to clean. Better for you. Better for your family. (Not for use on electronic screens and delicate lenses.)

If there is a burnt-on build-up of food/spills on your range or stovetop, use a standard cleaning product to remove it. Once eliminated, use E-cloths and water for maintenance.

Cleaning naturally. Healthier there are no harmful chemicals or fumes because E-cloth uses fiber function to clean not a chemical reaction. The cleaned surface E-cloth leaves behind has no chemical residue.

Faster, easier cleaning with far more cleaning fibers per square inch than common cloths enables E-cloths to remove more grime with each wipe, taking the grind out of cleaning. (For kitchen floors, check out the E-cloth Mop Set.)

Money-saving cleaning no paper towels or cleaning chemicals to buy. There are years of cleaning, as E-cloth performance is promised for 300 machine washings.

Eco-friendly cleaning E-cloth eliminates paper towels carbon footprint and landfill waste, along with pollution that chemicals create.
* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Man's Multi
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