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Item #18626
Pteroblue Pterostilbene by Genceutic Naturals
Pteroblue Pterostilbene
Size:60 capsule
Product Features

pTeroblue Pterostilbene 100mg
Advanced blueberry complex with nature identical 99% pure trans-Pterostilbene
Non GMO, free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers
Contains next generation trans-Pterostilbene (naturally methylated resveratrol) which has been show in published studies to by 4x more bio available, 2x more than Lipophilic, and last 7x longer the in blood than resveratrol

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is a natural substance found in blueberries and other plants. Pterostilbene is a stilbene compounds.

Pterostilbene Benefits

May help support a healthy lifespan
May help support healthy cell division and replication
May help promote promoting healthy cholesterol levels already within and normal range
May help support healthy insulin function/glucose metabolism
May help relieve common, everyday inflammation caused by a number of lifestyle factors

Stilbenes (including pterostilbene) have diverse biochemcial activities, which include supporting healthy cell-division and replication, promoting healthy cholesterol levels already within and normal range and supporting healthy insulin function/glucose metabolism. For example, pterostilbene modulates genes that help the body avoid abnormal cell division and eliminate those cells that may have already replicated poorly. Pterostilbene also naturally affects the expression of genes that activate fat-sensing complexes and was found to favorably affect lipid/cholesterol profiles in animal research.

In the liver, pterostilbene favorably modifies several vital glucose-regulating enzymes, which helps to control blood sugar. In also reduces markers of dangerous glucose-protein complexes called glycosylated proteins. In addition, pterostilbene may also have a positive impact upon common, everyday inflammation caused by a number of lifestyle factors, as well as promoting healthy cognitive performance.

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