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High Octane Chews

Size:12 Packs

Make a Power Play w/High Octane Energy Chews!
High Octane Energy Chews give you explosive energy that lasts with no crash! ItΓÇÖs packed with the heavy duty energy that you need to get you through your hike or your grueling workout routineΓÇÓ or even burning the midnight oil! High Octane Energy Chew is a great-tasting, fast-acting, energy chew that delivers a power packed dose of energy that lasts for hours. It is loaded with energy boosters from caffeine, B Vitamins, Ginseng, amino acids and other nutrients that help you rocket through whatever you do! Make a Power Play with High Octane Energy Chews!

Packed with the power of an energy shot, each chew provides the heavy duty fuel your body demands for the most intense encounters.High Octane Energy Chews deliver the energy that gives you the edge.B Vitamins help to unlock the energy in foods. Athletes often need to supplement their intake of B-12 and other B vitamins due to problems in absorption and increased needs for energy production.

Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen that helps increase the body's resistance to stress and support energy levels.

Taurine & N-Acetyl Tyrosine are amino acids that can help with mental fatigue and prevent the "crash" often felt after consuming energy drinks. Taurine is also thought to be essential for proper muscle maintenance and functioning.

3 chews. Tastes great. Looks cool. Shots? NotΓÇÓ

High Octane Energy Chew Highlights:
  • Chew on this!
  • No crash!
  • Explosive energy that lasts!
  • 3 Chews in a bag!
  • Your money and image saved!

High Energy Chews

To reach the energy-deprived masses in a new way, To Go Brands created High Octane Energy Chews as an edgy, trendy, tasty, and convenient bite-sized Energy soft chew that delivers explosive energy that cannot be ignored. It's packed with the heavy duty fuel that life demands to get through a grueling workout, burn the midnight oil, or simply power through your day. Not to mention, in true To Go Brands "healthy energy" fashion, High Octane Energy Chews are a step in the direction of Healthy Energy Chews. To Go Brands is also the makers of Acai Natural Energy Boost Chews, an antioxidant rich energy chew that boasts the antioxidants of 1 serving of fruit in just 2 chews. High Octane Energy Chews is the full throttle version, to which we can all sayΓÇÓrock on!!

High Octane Energy Chews is a power-packed chew, not an energy gum, but similar to Starburst fruit chews, with a healthy slant. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, we've used brown rice syrup. Instead of sugar, we've used Organic evaporated cane juice for a more natural, Organic Energy Chew. And instead of artificial flavors and colors, we've used all-natural. Natural is great, but clearly not the point with this product. Rock your socks off energy and the tattoo-esque packaging screams "hot"! High Octane Energy Chews pack in B Vitamins, Siberian Ginseng, Amino Acids, and about the amount of caffeine of one cup of coffeeΓÇÓin EACH chew! Each chew represents the energy found in 1 energy shot. And with the great value of 3 chews per bag, a whole bag is enough caffeine and nutrients to fuel an all-nighterΓÇÓor rocket through whatever you do! So buy Energy Chews that you WILL feel! Feel the High Octane Energy rushΓÇÓand the buzz will keep you coming back for more!

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.