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Item #19363
TerraDent Toothbrush Adult 31 Soft by Terradent
TerraDent Toothbrush Adult 31 Soft
Size:1 piece
For better hygiene, patented Thermoweld technology fuses together every bristle filament inside the base of TerrAdenT's Replaceable Toothbrush Head. Thermowelding eliminates microscopic spaces between and around TerrAdenT's bristles-spaces which , in conventional toothbrushes, provide the ideal breeding grounds for millions of harmful bacteria! Thanks to Thermowelding TerrAdenT has the lowest bacteria count of any toothbrush tested in research conducted at a leading Dental School. Brushing with an oridinary bran can spread harmful bacteria throughout your mouth every time you brush- and to nieghboring toothbrushes between brushings!
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