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Whole Body Stress Cleanse


Day-Night, Dual-Action Stress Defense. Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Stress Cleanse 10-day renewal system provides day and night protection to help combat stress.

Daytime: The Purifying Cleanse Formula fuels your body's stress defenses with high-potency antioxidants, which work to:

  • Deactivate harmful free radicals
  • Prevent production of stress-induced toxins

Nighttime: The Cortisol Modifying Formula is clinically studied to help your body relax, rebuild, and reenergize while you sleep. Initiated at night, this formula provides extended, next-day support to:

  • Reduce cortisol - up to 60% after the first day
  • Help maintain healthy cortisol levels for the day ahead
  • Promote a natural sleep cycle

Recharge, relax, and renew!
This kit has everything you need for a 10-day renewal system, including an insert with additional tips on lifestyle, exercise and diet.

High ORAC = Ultimate Antioxidant Power
Whole Body Stress Cleanse 10-day renewal system features a premium selection of potent antioxidants to help protect your body and eliminate stress-induced toxins. The Purifying Cleanse Formula - the system's daytime component - delivers nearly two times the antioxidant power of high-antioxidant food sources, including strawberries, red cherries, and spinach in one daily serving! You'd have to eat four cups of spinach to get the same antioxidant protection!

Why Whole Body Stress Cleanse?

It's the first stress cleanse product on the market, designed to help you.

  • Lessen stress after the first use.
  • Reduce stress-induced hormones by up to 60%.**
  • Feel calm and relaxed.
It works in just 10 days to help you feel:
  • More energized.
  • Improved mood and wellbeing.
  • Revitalized sleep quality.
  • Less stress!

How is Whole Body Stress Cleanse 10-day renewal system different from Whole Body Cleanse internal cleansing system?
Whole Body Cleanse works on the detoxification organs: the liver, intestines, lymph, and blood. It includes ingredients to support bile flow and liver health, a laxative to promote bowel function, and fiber to scrub the intestines and carry toxins out of the body. Whole Body Stress Cleanse works at a cellular level by neutralizing stress-induced toxins, like free-radicals, and supporting healthy cortisol levels to improve recovery during sleep.

What is ORAC?
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is one way to measure antioxidant capacity in different foods and supplements. Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation in the body by neutralizing free radicals. Generally, a higher ORAC value means a more potent antioxidant. Elderberry, blueberry, and grapes all have high ORAC values. ORAC values are approximate as many factors affect antioxidant capacity, including soil quality, growing season, ripeness at harvest, and processing and preparation methods.

Can Whole Body Stress Cleanse be taken during the day? Will it cause drowsiness?
While some individuals do take Whole Body Stress Cleanse during the day, caution should be used as it will cause you to relax and drowsiness may occur.

Enzymatic Therapy's Core Values

  • Sincere respect for people
  • Passion for their mission
  • Winning and fun in a worthy cause
  • Trust and open communication

Good Manufacturing Practices
At Enzymatic Therapy, they've been following the FDA's Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for years. In fact, they're the industry's first and only company to be an FDA-registered drug manufacturing facility, and an organic certified processing facility.
Demanding more from supplement companies is a good thing, but they ve been taking it further for a long time. After all, Pharmaceutical GMPs are the toughest around. That means they have Food and Dietary Supplement GMPs covered - and then some. Tougher standards are nothing new for us - they're just part of our mission to bring you the world finest supplements to let you know what better feels like, everyday.

Enzymatic Therapy is involved in a variety of humanitarian initiatives. Here are just a few of the things they do to help make their world a little better:

  • They sponsor four blood drives per year for the American Red Cross.
  • Their winter holiday program adopts a needy family each year to supply with outerwear, other necessities, toys, and gifts.
  • They host company-wide quarterly food drives for Paul's Pantry, their local organization dedicated to fighting hunger.
  • They have special matching donation programs for select charities, chosen by their associates.
  • Their vacation day donation program helps us stick together as a team.  This voluntary donation of time assists associates struck by circumstances that require them to be away from work for extended periods.
  • They offer on-site, free health screenings for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and lifestyle management counseling.
  • They provide charitable support of specific disease organizations, such as the Parkinson s Disease Foundation.
  • They support the Gifts in Kind International Program - product donations that are redistributed to over 200,000 non-profit agencies worldwide.

They believe in reaching out others, each day, in many ways. In every case, it's simply part of helping America discover What Better Feels Like one person at a time.

Enzymatic Therapy's Commitment to You
Enzymatic Therapy believes in unrelenting laboratory testing and support of patented and well-researched products. They stay on the cutting edge by virtue of their participation in industry methods development. And they publish their research in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. The results are a family of products whose efficacy is based on scientifically valid secondary research, or their own primary research. Such efforts clearly outshine what is typical in an industry where little is required but so much is expected. They've done the homework. Use their products with absolute confidence.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Woman's Multi
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