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Chinese Green Tea

Quantity:30 tea bags

The practice of drinking Green Tea (camellia sinensis) was brought to Japan by monks returning from their studies at the great Zen monasteries of 12th century China. For then¸ tea functioned as an aid to meditation¸ as a health aid¸ and as a tool to propagate Zen. As the years went by¸ tea and the reason for drinking it changed¸ but it never went out of fashion. Today¸ Green Tea is one of the three major non-alcoholic beverages in the world. Green Tea is a typical non-fermented tea that is enjoyed by many and is immensely popular in Japan. It is utilized as both a daily beverage and as a healthful drink. Green Tea contains a rich natural source of polyphenols and bioflavanoids. Recent studies have identified the valuable active constituents of Green Tea and continue to review its historical uses.

Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea (camellia sinensis) Leaves 

There are two methods for making the best cup of tea. One is called an infusion which is used whenever you are brewing a cup of tea from leaves or flowers or other soft or fragile materials. The second method is a decoction which is used whenever you are brewing a cup of tea from bark¸ roots¸ seeds¸ or other hard materials.

Since 1922¸ Alvita has been making the finest herb teas money can buy. Pure natural singles and blends that bring you unsurpassed enjoyment¸ healthful benefits and complete satisfaction. No less reassuring is our unwavering commitment to the environment. Today¸ no herb tea company goes as far to protect the Earth and its precious resources- this package and its contents being testimony. There is no plastic shrink wrap on the outside. The box is 100% recycled board and can be recycled again. The finish is soybean based. Bulk tea is the original way tea was made. Hot water reaches all ingredient particles without passing through a tea bag¸ for shorter brewing time and enhanced flavor. And there is no filter paper¸ tag¸ string¸ or staple to dispose of. Degradable. Recyclable. Reusable. The key component of each is the word able . At Alvita¸ we wholeheartedly believe we are all able to play a key role in preserving the wondrous world we live in. For us¸ it starts with offering you the most environmentally safe and responsible herb teas possible.

Plain Tea Size: 30 Tea Bags
Flavored Tea Size: 24 Tea Bags

Note: this product contains caffeine. For a caffeine-free alternative, please see our "Chinese Green Tea (caffeine free)".

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.