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Essential Balance Oil Blend 3-6-9

Size:12 oz

Omega Nutrition Essential Balance 3,6,9 Oil Blend is an improved formula that maintains the great taste and 1:1:1/3-6-9 fatty acid balance you've come to trust. Formulated with cold pressed Avocado Oil and Organic Sesame Oil, now it tastes even better. Just add to your favorite it tastes even better. Just add to your favorite morning blender drink. For added lignans mix 1 tsp. of Nutri-flax. This complete formula contains no preservatives, hexane or soy. The ratio of organic to non-organic ingredients is 70/30.

Essential Balance 3-6-9 Oil - Product Information

  • All the benefits of Omega 3-6-9 in one!
  • Certified organic.
  • Building blocks for their cells.

The average diet in North America is widely considered to be out of balance, acutely deficient in omega-3 EFA while disproportionately abundant in consumption of omega-6 EFAs. Research has shown that deteriorating health may result from a long-term imbalance or a dietary deficiency of either EFA.

Omega 3 deficiency symptoms may include: fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings or depression, and poor circulation.

Essential Balance 3-6-9 is a specially formulated blend of organic oils that provides a balance of polyunsaturated fats in the "one to one" ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 and also contains 4g per serving of omega-9 monounsaturates. This is a great formula for everyday use for both men and women.

Essential Balance 3-6-9 EFA oil blend is essential for daily use because their bodies depend on EFAs for normal functioning cells.


  1. Act as building blocks in cell membranes.
  2. Produce hormone-like substances necessary for energy metabolism and cardiovascular and immune health.

Make Essential Balance 3-6-9 a regular part of your routine.

About Omega Nutrition: Company and Mission
Omega Nutrition was the first to:

  • Bring unrefined organic flax seed oil to North America.
  • Disclose the best before date on each bottle to ensure freshness.
  • Use the proprietary omegaflo process to protect highly reactive components in flax from heat, light and oxygen while pressing and bottling.
  • Challenge consumer perception on oil packaging by using Light-Proof High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The result: Omega makes sure their oils stay as fresh and wholesome as the day they make them.

Omega Nutrition, the original flax oil company, was established in 1987 and is recognized worldwide as the Premium Manufacturer of Flax and Culinary Oil Products. They were the first company to bring unrefined, certified organic Flax Seed Oil to the North American Market. They have over 40 certified Organic, Kosher and GMO free nutritional products using their unique omegaflo process.

Omega Nutrition continues to be acknowledged as the forerunner in Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) nutrition. With continuing research and development, they have expanded their product line to include an entire range of oils, capsules and other nutritional supplements. When it comes healthy culinary oils, Omega made them first...and according to their customers and independent tests, they still make them the best!

In 1987, Omega Nutrition was formed and became the first company to bring unrefined, certified organic Flax Seed Oil to the North American market. This was in direct response to the critical deficiency of the essential omega-3 fatty acid in the modern diet, which was being linked on a nutritional level to chronic diseases (arthritis, psoriasis, heart disease, and certain cancers).

After many years of intensive research and development, Omega Nutrition created a unique process to manufacture fresh, unrefined oils from organic seeds and nuts. Omega's omegaflo process was created to protect the delicate Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) from excessive heat, light and oxygen during processing and bottling. Often imitated, the omegaflo process still stands as the world standard for quality unrefined oil processing.

Omega's Mission
Omega Nutrition is committed to:

  • Manufacturing the freshest, highest-quality, unrefined, organic oils and related products from the best raw materials, with packaging that offers the best protection for all the valuable nutrients.
  • Staying on the cutting edge of research and development of products that will contribute to enhancing the health and diet of consumers.
  • Serving the needs of their customers, while operating, serving, and living with honesty and integrity.
  • Providing continuing truthful education to the public on EFA nutrition, fats and oils.
  • Making the finest quality products available to all who want and need them, from their distributors to retailers, healthcare practitioners and to you, the final consumer from their online store.

Bryan Farnum is a gifted Medical and Universal Intuitive, whose remarkable spiritual experience of the healing of his son Michael's brain cancer, led him to discover his gift of discernment. This gift allows Bryan to confirm on a yes/no basis all things related to life on this planet by accessing God's Book of Life. Bryan has been given this gift to help everyone.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.