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Acai, a dark purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is a nutritious and powerful fruit, valued for its rich nutrients. With a high ORAC (oxygen-radical absorption capacity) value - twice that of blueberries - Acai could be considered the berry of choice for good health. Red Wine features polyphenols to help neutralize free radicals, which are created as a result of normal metabolism and increased physical activity. It features polyphenols to help neutralize free radicals. That's especially important when you increase your physical activity.

Green Tea contains EGCG, a powerful antioxidant. Grape Seed Extract is a potent source of naturally occurring anthocyanidins, which are being studied for their diverse roles in promoting health.

Pomegranate is a fruit that has emerged as a super food that may help provide anti-aging, protection for the body's cells. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a nutrient used by the body to help produce energy for normal metabolic function and has the ability to help recycle other antioxidants for optimal cellular protection.

The aging process in inevitable, but what if you could give your body an arsenal of compounds that would help your body vibrant and healthy? Researchers are discovering that a wide variety of naturally occurring antioxidants such as those found in colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, teas, dark chocolate, and red wine can offer a powerful armor of protection against free radicals, which can harm the body's cells. Produced as a by-product of normal metabolism, free radicals are also generated when the body if exposed to cigarette smoke, pollution, sunlight, and during exercise. While the body has the capacity of neutralize free radicals, these defenses become less efficient with age.

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