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Liver Take Care

  • Targeted Care for Liver Health
  • Daily Support for Healthy Liver Function
  • Supports elimination of everyday toxins
  • Potent Milk Thistle and Wasabi formula
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Vegetarian
  • New Chapter Take Care® formulas target specific areas of wellness and provide combinations of whole-food complexed vitamins, minerals, herb and super foods to support optimal health.

    Focusing on Liver Health

    The liver fulfills many amazing functions every day, including filtering the entire blood supply every few minutes to remove toxins. While we can't escape the "toxic soup" of today's world, we can do something to support the organ that works constantly to detoxify our bodies – the liver.

    The liver traps toxins and neutralizes them so that they can be safely eliminated from the body. The targets herbs and superfoods in Liver Take Care® support the liver's process in multiple ways, including the promotion of the body's natural detoxification process and a protective antioxidant response in the liver.

    Activated Multiple Pathways

    Live Take Care delivers multiple herbs to support healthy liver function along multiple pathways, helping to compensate for life's many toxic burdens.

    Chemical Solvent-Free Milk Thistle

    Full-spectrum Milk Thistle, extracted without harsh chemical solvents, stimulates glutathione (a powerful antioxidant), protects liver cells and naturally addresses toxins in the body.

    Pure & Potent Wasabi

    Liver Take Care delivers unique isothiocyanate compounds from freeze-dried Wasabi that activate antioxidant pathways.

    Environmental Mental Support

    Full-spectrum Cilantro helps the liver address environmental metals by supporting their natural removal from the body.

    Revered botanicals, including full-spectrum Schizandra and Turmeric, deliver active compounds to support the liver's natural detoxification pathways.

    Suggested Use

    One capsules two times daily with food.

    Other Ingredients

    Rice hull concentrate, capsules (polysaccharide [Aureobasidium pullulans], contains 2% or less of: carrageenan and guar gum), maltodextrin and silica.

    Naturally gluten free. 100% vegetarian; no artificial flavors or colors.

    * [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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