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Item #20769
Maxi Liquid Iron by Maxi Health Kosher Vitamins
Maxi Liquid Iron
Size:8 oz

Maxi Liquid Iron is one the highest bioavailable forms of Iron known as Ferrochel. It is formulated in a delicious tasting natural fruit punch flavor. Published studies conducted by well known researchers throughout the world, such as Mervyn, Kirchhoff, Pineda, Fairweather-Tate, etc., have consistently shown Ferrochel to be more bioavailable than other forms of iron. A study was conducted on a group of 40 anemic children ranging from 6 to 36 months of age, Pineda, et al., found Ferrochel to have an apparent absorption of 70-75%, a bioavailability that is 3.7 times that of ferrous sulfate, which is the most popular form of Iron recommended by physicians.

Human clinical studies have shown Ferrochel to be an iron of great tolerance (easy on the system) with no gastrointestinal discomfort as is the case with many other forms. Additional research has further shown that Ferrochel is an extremely safe form of iron.

The World Health Organization considers iron deficiency the number one nutritional disorder in the world. As many as 80% of the world's population may be iron deficient, while 30% may have iron deficiency anemia.

Three groups of people are most likely to benefit from iron supplements: people with a greater need for iron, individuals who tend to lose more iron, and people who do not absorb iron normally. These individuals include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Pre-term and low birth weight infants
  • Older infants and toddlers
  • Teenage girls
  • Women of childbearing age, especially those with heavy menstrual losses
  • People with gastrointestinal disorders who do not absorb iron normally

Signs of low iron include changes to cognitive function such as declining academic performance, concentration and memory problems, fatigue, headaches, taste disturbances, impaired immune response, pallor and dry brittle hair.

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Maxi Health Kosher Vitamins
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