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Metaboplex for Athletic Performance and Body Building

Metaboplex is a high potency anabolic complex of pure trans-Ferulic Acid, a key metabolic constituent; Glycine, the daytime metabolic enhancing amino acid; and L-Tyrosine, the biochemical pathway amino precursor to important neurotransmitters. A scientifically engineered dietary adjunct to support your quest for that sculpted, chiseled look -- when training and dieting to burn fats, without sacrificing hard earned muscle.

  • Strength
  • Size
  • Cut/Definition

Metaboplex for Longevity and Healthy Aging

Metaboplex is a synergist nutritional complex combining the daytime gh releasing amino acids, L-Glutamine, Glycine and L-Tyrosine with plant sterol, Gamma Oryzannol, and its key metabolic constituent, Ferulic Acid.

As we age, major declines in the hormones we need to stay healthy occur. One critical hormone that diminishes with age is called human growth hormone (hGH), also referred to as growth hormone (GH). Diminished GH appears to slow the metabolism. Scientists have been exploring nutritional solutions to restore GH to youthful levels. The focus of research has been the pituitary gland, which adequately produces GH, but is less efficient with age. But research has found the amount of GH released can be stimulated by certain amino acids and nutrients and can enhance the metabolism.

Ferulic acid has antioxidant properties that make it an important ant-aging agent, neutralizing free radicals and also works synergistically with other antioxidant nutrients.

Metaboplex for the following health concerns:

  • Metabolism
  • Weight management
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Brain function
  • Bone strength
  • Immune strength
  • Menopause
  • Muscular strength
  • Athletic performance
* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.