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MagicMousse Natural Lice Treatment

Size:4 oz

Fairy Lice Mothers Magic Mousse Natural Lice Treatment is a nontoxic, pesticide free product proven to eliminate lice and ease the removal of eggs (nits). One bottle, used as directed, has been 99% effective in removing head lice and easing nit removal. As with any lice removal product, combing is necessary. To completely remove nits, Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand Comb is highly recommended.

Stop using harsh chemicals and use nature's best. Try all of the Fairy LiceMother products.

  • Safe For Repeated Applications
  • Clinically Proven
  • Advanced Foamer Applicator

Suggested Use:

  • Step1:
    1. Place a clean washcloth or other suitable material over eyes for protection. Moisten hair with warm water.
    2. Apply ample amount of MagicMousse foam to cover and saturate moist hair and scalp root to ends. (Approx. 1 oz. or 20-30 "puffs"). Massage lightly to keep foam in hair. Leave on hair at least 5 minutes and DO NOT RINSE.
  • Step2:
    1. Add a second application of MagicMousse foam to hair and scalp, while protecting eyes with cloth. (Approx. 1 oz.-2 oz. or 20-30 "puffs").
    2. Leave product on hair and scalp additional 5 minutes. Continue to protect eyes with clean washcloth.
    3. While magicMousse is still in hair, Fairy LiceMothers highly recommends using a Fair LiceMothers' MagicWand to comb through hair root to end. For long or thick hair, any hair conditioner may be added to assist with combing. Eggs are easily removed when each section of hair is combed from the scalp to the hair's end. Comb each section four ways, from above, below and each side to ensure all eggs are removed.
    4. While protecting eyes rinse product out of hair with a strong spray of warm water.
    5. Use a bright light and Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand to thoroughly inspect hair and scalp. Pay close attention to the areas behind the ears and nape of neck. If stubborn lice or nits remain immediately re-treat with MagicMousse foam using steps above.
  • Step3:
    After removing lice and their nits, use Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint to repel lice from the hair.

Ingredients: Water (Food-grade) Surfactants (GRAS) Proprietary Enzyme Blend (Food-grade) Natural Nutrient Additive (Food-grade) Safe Stabilizers.

Head lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp. They lay eggs called nits, which stick to hair very close to the scalp. For several years the media, mothers, school nurses, and entomologists have been reporting that many head louse populations have become resistant to the chemicals used to treat them. Fairy LiceMothers will ease your mind and help you get rid of this itchy problem without the use of any chemicals.

Facts to keep in mind:

  • Lice like clean, healthy heads the best
  • Lice are nearly as common as the common cold
  • Pets do not transmit head lice to humans or vice versa
  • Anyone can get Lice

Ways head lice are transmitted:

  • By contact with an already infested person. Contact is common during play at school and at home (slumber parties, sports activities, at camp, on a playground).
  • By wearing infested clothing, such as hats, scarves, coats, sports uniforms, or hair ribbons.
  • By using infested combs, brushes, or towels.
  • By lying on a bed, couch, pillow, carpet, or stuffed animal that has recently been in contact with an infested person.

Lice Life Cycle

  • Eggs: Nits are head lice eggs. They are cemented at the base of the hair shaft nearest the scalp. Nits take about 1 week to hatch (range 6 to 9 days).
  • Nymphs: The egg hatches to release a nymph. Nymphs mature after three molts and become adults about 7 days after hatching.
  • Adults: Adult lice can live up to 30 days on a person s head. A maximum of 6 to 10 nits are laid each day by each female.

Symptoms of Head Lice:

  • You may not have any symptoms at first.
  • Itchy scalp may start weeks or months after lice have started to spread.
  • May be worse behind your ears or on the back of your neck.
  • Sores on the scalp (caused by scratching) that may become infected.
  • Tiny grayish white, football-shaped eggs (about the size of a poppy seed) clinging to hairs close to the scalp.

How to know if lice treatment was successful:

You have successfully managed to get rid of a head louse infestation if you are nit free for 10-12 days straight.

About Fairy Lice Mothers

Fairy LiceMothers are dedicated to eliminating the persistent lice problem and educating the community on the use of safe and effective treatments.

They are 3 mothers who started our business in Oceanside, Long Island in early 2008 as an in-home lice removal service. Because of high demand for our quality service, they have now opened up our first lice treatment center located in Oceanside. They are certified as head lice removal clinicians. They were trained by a non-profit lice research facility that conducts research on lice and lice products.

They use natural and safe products that do not contain any toxic chemicals. Our removal process is the Shepherd Method which is a strand by strand approach to ensure all visible nits are removed. Our prices include 2 follow-up rechecks. This is a crucial step to remain lice free. They remove the infestation during the treatment but going back to the same environment puts you at risk again. They make sure that you remain lice free.

They understand that in this economy people want to spend money wisely. Our goal is to help you get rid of this problem. If you wish to treat yourself, you can buy our products and they walk you through the procedure step by step. They will work with you to eliminate this issue. If you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.