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Nettle Leaf Tea

A perennial with separate male and female plants¸ Nettle (Urtica dioica) grows up to 4 feet tall and has toothed¸ pointed leaves that sting when touched. This sting causes a burning sensation. This because each hair consists of a sharp¸ hollow spine that breaks off easily¸ allowing the liquid inside¸ formic acid¸ to be released into the object causing the injury. In spite of its stinging¸ Nettles are of considerable use in many ways¸ including culinary; they contain vitamins A and C¸ iron¸ and a variety of other minerals. The young shoots can also be boiled as a vegetable. Nettle fibers can be spun into rope and made into cloth. Cosmetically¸ Nettle is a good cleanser¸ especially for oily skin. As a tea¸ Nettle may be taken hot or cold and many prefer it sweetened and flavored with lemon. Since 1922¸ Alvita has been making the finest herb teas money can buy. Pure¸ natural singles and blends that bring you unsurpassed enjoyment¸ healthful benefits and complete satisfaction. No less reassuring is our unwavering commitment to the environment. Today¸ no herb tea company goes as far to protect the Earth and its precious resources-this package and its contents being testimony. There is no plastic shrink wrap on the outside. The box is 100% recycled board that can be recycled again. The finish is water-based. Our tea bags are English Pillow Style¸ with no strings¸ tags or staples attached. Even the tea bag paper is recyclable. And all our bags are oxygen bleached¸ not chlorine bleached¸ to safeguard you and our ground water. Degradable¸ Recyclable¸ Reusable. The key component of each is the word able . At Alvita¸ we wholeheartedly believe we are all able to play a key role in preserving the wondrous world we live in. For us¸ it starts with offering you the most environmentally safe and responsible herb tea possible.

Size: (24Tea Bags )

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Cardio Support
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