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Item #23266
Power-Herbs Hair Formula by Nature's Herbs
Power-Herbs Hair Formula
Size:30 capsule

Nature's Herbs Power Herbs Hair Formula is a new and improved formula, with a standardized extract to give you stronger, shinier hair. It is an improved formula, now with Cynatine HNS, which has been clinically shown to improve strength, shine and brightness of hair.

At Nature's Herbs, they realize that even the world's best herbs vary from crop-to-crop. It rains too much or it doesn't rain enough. It's too hot or too cold. The soil is too rich or too poor. After 30 million years, Nature still can't make promises, which is why Nature's Herbs was the first company to put nature to the test. They call it their Certified Potency Test. And the best thing about this test is that you can buy the answers in the form of Power Herbs. They typically concentrate from 2 to 200 pounds of premium herbs into each pound of Power Herbs. So every Power Herb has the exact same level of active ingredient in every capsule. They also go further than any other herb company by verifying these critical potency levels with third party independent testing. They call this Certified Potency, and it's your guarantee of dependable, consistent quality and potency in every capsule, every time.

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