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100% Herbal Hair Color


Discover the whole spectrum of nature's beauty with Sante's 100% Herbal Hair Color. Give your hair the gift of expressive color, silky shine and easy volume. Create individual nuances or color individuals highlights. Sante's 100% Herbal Hair Color is long lasting and especially gentle. It coats your hair like a protective glaze that combines with your natural hair color to produce a unique result. Sante's 100% Herbal Hair Color infuses your hair with long-lasting, multi-facetted color with extra extra volume and care. All colors are free of peroxide, ammonia or other chemical components, synthetic colorants, and fragrances or preservatives. Purely botanical.

  • No synthetic colorants or PPDs
  • No synthetic fragrances or preservatives
  • No peroxides or ammonium
  • Certified natural by BDIH and NaTrue

These Colors are especially gentle to your hair and contain only natural colorants such as organic henna, ground walnut shells, or indigo leaf. Since Sante do not use artificial colorants, their hair colors are not meant to provide 100% coverage. Instead, Sante's hair dyes "mix" with your natural hair color for a more natural look.

100% Natural. 100% Beautiful. 100% Individual.

Colors are free of PPDs. PPDs (Paraphenylenediamine) are used in almost all hair colors, even many "natural" ones. They are highly allergenic and are suspected carcinogens and neurotoxins. Not something you want to put on your head!

Manufacturing personal care products without synthetic preservatives requires especially careful handling of both raw materials and finished products, as the slightest contamination can ruin an entire production run. Sante utilizes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharmaceutical industry’s production standard, to guide their manufacturing processes.

Sante also continuously improves their product quality to keep current with advances in manufacturing and ingredient standards. However, no advance in product quality comes at the cost of Sante's steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. Sante's foremost goal is to make quality personal care products with minimal impact on the planet and its resources.


Sante's raw materials are of the highest quality and, whenever possible, of certified organic origin. In addition, nearly all Sante products are certified by BDHI and NaTrue, two independent certification standards that award their seal to products that comply with the strictest natural standards.

Plant Extracts

Chamomile from Egypt, rosemary from France, linden blossom from Croatia, horsetail from Portugal – Sante's Research & Development team analyzes plants from all over the world to determine the best resources for their products.

And, because production methods play an equally important role in the quality of a plant extract, Sante produces many of their own extracts. By utilizing a mixture of bio-ethanol, water and glycerin (standard extracts are usually made using only ethanol and water) Sante slowly and gently releases the active plant ingredients. The addition of glycerin and their six to eight hour extraction process allows Sante to capture more of the active plant ingredients than with a standard ethanol and water mixture.

With few exceptions, the plants Sante sources for their extracts are certified organic. And, most of Sante's plant extracts are from classic medicinal plants, making them extremely effective.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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