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Source Naturals EPA-DHA is a vegan fish oil alternative. An exceptional vegetarian alternative to fish oil, it has no fishy aftertaste. EPA/DHA supports the healthy functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system. DHA is an integral part of neural membrane phospholipids in the brain. Made from algae, it is also a sustainable alternative to overfishing the oceans.

Source Naturals Vegan Omega-3s EPA-DHA is sourced from algae, making it a vegan and sustainable alternative to overfishing the oceans. At SourceNaturals, vegan means that their EPA-DHA contains no animal products, or anything derived from animal products, such as gelatin, dairy, eggs, bee pollen or honey. These standards apply to the algal oil itself, the softgel capsule and any preservatives or carriers, so you can enjoy an oil that is pure, vegan and nourishing, with no fishy aftertaste. Vegan Omega-3s EPA-DHA is also a superior source of EPA and DHA compared to flax seed oil, as it requires no additional conversion in the body, and studies have shown that the oil is as easily metabolized as fish oil.

EPA and DHA can be a key part of a healthy diet, as they have important cardiovascular and cognitive benefits. The origins of these important omega-3s do not start with fish, however, but with phytoplankton. Microalgae such as Schizochytrium and Crypthecodinium manufacture EPA and DHA. When fish consume these phytoplankton as a natural part of their diet, EPA and DHA bioaccumulate as fish metabolize their meals into the concentrated amounts used in many supplements. Most microalgae only produce DHA, but the patented microalgae blend used in Source Naturals Vegan Omega-3s EPADHA provides both DHA and EPA.

Individuals who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet are largely dependent on obtaining these omega-3 fatty acids from plant sources such as flax seed and borage oil. However, these sources only provide alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the parent molecule of omega-3s, which must undergo complicated processing in the body to be converted to EPA and DHA.

In addition, this conversion process yields only 2 to 5 percent of DHA and 5 to 10 percent of EPA. This has caused a question as to whether individuals who do not eat fish have an optimal intake of omega-3s. Unlike flax and borage oil, Vegan Omega-3s EPA-DHA contains both the EPA and DHA your body needs-no additional conversion required. Not only is it a superior source of EPA and DHA compared to flax seed and borage oil, several studies have shown that algal oil is as easily metabolized as fish oil, making it a valuable addition to a vegan diet.

It has been shown that EPA and DHA are omega-3s that are essential for human development. EPA is a precursor to eicosanoids and DHA is necessary for the structural integrity of neural membranes. There is ongoing research on omega-3s and their involvement with the brain because high levels of DHA are found in the brain, retina and neural membranes. One study showed that an increase in plasma phospholipid DHA levels was correlated with fewer paired-association errors as measured by a computer learning and memory test. These findings help support the use of DHA for memory and learning.

Don't miss out on omega-3s because of a fishy taste or low conversion to EPA and DHA. Vegan Omega-3s EPA-DHA is vegan, eco-friendly, and fits your lifestyle.

Source Naturals suggests that their customers take responsibility for their health through education, healthy diet and lifestyle recommendations, and through utilizing high-quality, scientifically researched supplements. Source Naturals believes that the natural foods industry is the best outlet for the expression of their values and for supporting the consumers' right to make informed choices about their own health.

About Source Naturals

Source Naturals' comprehensive Bio-Aligned Formulas help bring the power of alignment to your body. When formulating, Source Naturals evaluates the underlying causes of system imbalances, and then provides targeted nutrition to interdependent body systems. Source Naturals' line of more than 600 products also includes well-researched, single entity nutrients in their highest quality and most bioavailable forms. Source Naturals nutritional supplements are at the leading edge of today's Wellness Revolution.

This transformation in health consciousness also includes new perspectives in diet, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual development, and complementary health care. Source Naturals Strategy for Wellness is to provide education that empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health, rather than relying solely on outside medical authority. The result is people who are more productive and fulfilled, and a world that is stronger and healthier.

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