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Stem Cell Booster Serum

Size:1 oz

An apple-a-day can keep aging away with Reviva Labs' Stem Cell Booster Serum with Swiss Apple Stem Cells. Reviva Labs' Stem Cell Booster Serum with Swiss Apple Stem Cells is a breakthrough anti-aging serum! Reviva Labs' new Stem Cell Booster Serum with Swiss Apple Stem Cells is a dose of vitality that dramatically improves the way your skin looks and feels. Reviva Labs' Stem Cell Booster Serum with Swiss Apple Stem Cells can be used alone directly on clean skin but Reviva Labs recommends it be used under your regular day or night cream as it will boost their effects as you add dramatic anti-wrinkle and texturizing benefits. In Reviva Labs' advanced formula, they have blended in select organic botanicals that provide additional anti-aging benefits.

One of the Most Important Skin-Care Discoveries in Years

Dramatic anti-aging with rare Swiss apple stem cells. Swiss scientists have determined that the stem cell extract (Malus Domestica) from the rare Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple can stimulate skins epidermal cells. In fact, some scientists regard it as one of the most important skin care discoveries in years!

Special Benefits:

  • Swiss apple stem cells help revive skins own dormant stem cells and can help bring new life and energy to the epidermis. Recharging epidermal cells with Reviva Labs' stem cell serum makes skin more responsive to the day or night cream applied over Reviva Labs' serum. Overall results are accelerated and remarkably improved.
  • Swiss research showed a major decrease in appearance of lines and wrinkles in 30 days. The study with volunteers aged 37 to 64 determined a significant decrease in crows feet wrinkle depth for 100% of the participants.

Reviva Labs' advanced formulation also features select organic botanicals that provide additional texturizing and anti-aging benefits. All skin types can improve from the properties of the Swiss apple stem cells. But mature skin, whose cells have been most affected by normal aging, sun and pollution damage, will benefit most.

About Skin Stem Cells

Stem Cells are born in the bottom "basal" layer of the epidermis. Skin scientists claim they are programmed by genes for a specific number of replications (self renewals). Regeneration is affected by sun damage, smoking, injury, etc., but mostly by chronological aging. With wear and tear and general aging, skin's stem cells gradually lose energy, become weaker and less efficient in creating healthy new skin. That's when signs of aging start to appear.

However, Swiss scientists have discovered that stem cells from a rare Swiss Apple can actually repair a human's aged or damaged stem cells, giving new life and a younger look and feel to skin. What's more, they can even extend the longevity of normal, healthy cells and "help keep wrinkles at bay". In other words, the Swiss Apple extract helps human cells act younger and live longer. The result is improved skin texture, reduced wrinkle depth, and ultimately, better looking skin.

Stem Cell Activity

A stem cell will lose "energy" over time, but Reviva's Stem Cell Booster Serum helps prevent loss of energy and actually increases cell energy over time.

Special Note: Reapplication

Applying Reviva's Stem Cell Booster Serum alone provides benefits you can see and feel, but because of the serum's stem cell stimulating effectiveness, Reviva Labs went further and tested the formula for increased effect via layering. The result: the serum also acts as a catalyst. Tests showed that applying Reviva Labs' Serum under their Alpha Lipoic Acid Antioxidant Cream, Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream or Serum, or under their DMAE Firming Fluid, improved skin response to each item. Reviva's Stem Cell Booster Serum appears to multiply the effects of other day or night creams (or serums) layered over it.

If You Boost The Activity of Your Skin's Stem Cells, Reversing or Slowing Aging is Possible! Stem cell research has had many incredible breakthroughs in recent years. One of the biggest related to anti-aging skin care is the Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple. This extremely rare Swiss Apple possesses an almost magical extract that rejuvenates or reactivates stem cells in your skin. By boosting the activity of your skin's own stem cells, aging dull skin can be restored to healthy, younger-looking skin.

Reactivate Your Body's Fountain of Youth - The Stem Cells

During research, a 2% extract of Swiss Apple Malus Domestica was applied twice daily for 28 days. The results were impressive - wrinkles showed significant visible decreases in 100% of the test subjects! The Swiss Apple's extract revitalizes stem cells - recharging the cell - turning it into an anti-aging acting powerhouse.

Reviva Makes Youth Affordable Again

Celebrities have already discovered the benefits of the stem cell extract derived from a special Swiss Apple. Vogue magazine reported Michele Obama using a Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum costing over $300.00. Helen Mirren and Gwyneth Paltrow are also reported users. Throughout their 38-year history, Reviva Labs is known for bringing consumers groundbreaking technology at an affordable price. Using their experience, Reviva Labs was able to formulate an effective serum that costs just $30.00 for a one-ounce bottle. Now the Swiss Apple secret can be experienced by everyone, not just the Hollywood elite.

It was (and is today) the testing of product safety and performance in various skin care salons that has been a unique and key factor in Reviva's history of product effectiveness. Product effectiveness is not only a matter of the right ingredients but the experience in blending the proper percentages. And the knowledge of the interaction of those ingredients.The wrong percentage of one of the active ingredients could inactivate the performance of the product.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.