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MagiComb Extra Teeth

Size:1 piece

MagiComb is a head lice remedy that uses 21st century technology to provide outstanding results. No other head lice remedy offers the capability of eliminating them. Other head lice remedies such as olive oil, mayonnaise, shampoos, coverings, etc. work to a certain degree. But MagiComb is the best mechanical head lice remedy tool that you can buy.

  • Use weekly for protection
  • Eliminates lice and nits
  • Safe, non-toxic head lice remedy
  • Economical, use over and over
  • True 21st Century Head Lice Remedy
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

MagiComb - The 21st Century Electronic Head Lice Remedy

MagiComb is a revolutionary, internationally patented combing tool made of durable, high-impact plastic. MagiComb has two sets of side by side vibrating teeth that glide gently through all types of hair. By vibrating in opposite directions, the vibro-teeth pull even the smallest lice and nits off the hair and scalp and will not pierce the skin or pull the hair. It will get rid of lice and nits quickly, easily, safely and permanently. MagiComb's teeth easily pull out of the device for quick cleaning and re-use.

The quiet micro-motor inside the MagiComb will not burn out even when combing the thickest hair. MagiComb operates on two standard C type batteries. Owning a MagiComb is like have an insurance policy against infestation. It's truly a Hi Tech head lice remedy.

This incredible head lice remedy technology can actually stop infestations! By using MagiComb once a week, nits and lice can be removed before the infestation becomes evident. Extra sets of teeth are available for treating several children at a time. Simply soak one set of teeth in hot soapy water or alcohol while using the second set. Be sure the teeth are dry before reusing.

How to Use MagiComb:

  1. Remove purple knob at back of comb and insert 2 C batteries.
  2. Turn the comb on and let the child hold it for a minute to get used to the sound and feel.
  3. Drape a towel or cape over the shoulders of the child or have them sit or lean over a dry sink.
  4. Immediately after bathing is the ideal time to use MagiComb. If unable to use after a bath, try a spray bottle with water to lightly dampen the hair, or continue with dry hair.
  5. Thoroughly brush hair with personal hairbrush to remove tangles.
  6. Section the hair into 1 to 2 inch sections and begin combing.
  7. Start at the scalp and work toward the ends of the hair on children with fine and straight hair.
  8. In cases of very curly or thick hair, it is sometimes helpful to start combing at the bottom of the hair and work up to the scalp to ensure comfortable, effective detangling and nit removal.
  9. Continue to comb through all the hair in 2" sections.
  10. Clean away any nits or other debris caught in the teeth by using a small brush or rinsing teeth with warm soapy water. MagiComb should not be immersed or used under running water.

Removing and cleaning the teeth:

Grasp the teeth and give a firm pull. The teeth should come out easily. Soak the teeth in hot soapy water or alcohol. Inspect carefully for attached lice or nits. Be sure the teeth are dry before reusing as a head lice remedy.

MagiComb VS Other Combs

Is one mechanical head lice remedy better than the others? Absolutely! MagiComb has distinct advantages over other electronic combs. Some combs work by electrocuting lice; each time such a comb contacts a louse (or even a piece of lint) it stops operating and must be cleaned. Children become impatient with those kinds of head lice remedy. Other combs with vibrating teeth have plastic teeth which can bend or break. Ergonomically, MagiComb is far superior. Its wand like shape is designed for the human hand. It has closely spaced nickel silver teeth, is quieter to operate and will go through the thickest, curliest hair with ease as compared to the others. Because you can complete a head lice remedy treatment in fifteen or twenty minutes, a child will be able to sit still, cooperate and relax. Children say that they enjoy the experience and that the comb feels like a gentle scalp massage.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.