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Nighttime Binge Control


SomnaTrim Nighttime Binge Control contains Somatadrene-CL. Is nighttime binge eating the cause of your diet failure? Nighttime binge eating may be cause of common diet failure! New formula interrupts nighttime binge eating cycle.

See if this sounds familiar: You've just started a new diet. You have a breakfast bar or shake in the morning. You order a healthy salad for lunch. And you have a sensible piece of chicken or fish with some veggies for dinner. You're doing great. You've made it through the day, and then all of a sudden, an hour or so after you finish dinner it starts. You find yourself in front of the fridge picking at some leftovers, and before you know it, you've finished off the last pint (or two) of Häagen-Dazs. If this sounds like you, your diet failure could be the result of something the experts call the "Nocturnal Feeding Cycle" (or what ordinary people refer to as "Nighttime Binge Eating").

As anyone who has struggled with nighttime binge eating knows, the problem is very real, and very common. Some experts estimate the number of nighttime binge eaters to be in the millions in the U.S. alone.

  • Nocturnal Binge Eating Suppressant Compound: Yerba Mate (leaf) Extract, Damiana (Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca) (leaf) Extract
  • Calming Component: L-Theanine
  • Sleep Efficiency Component: Melatonin

We all know that nighttime binge eaters can make it through the day, and even through dinner, sticking to their healthy eating plan. And then, for reasons that are not clear, something happens at night. Maybe it's boredom. Maybe it's stress. Maybe it's a lack of sleep. Or then again, maybe it's just something in our DNA that says we need to fuel up before "fasting" all night (that's why breakfast is called break-fast, did you know that?). Whatever the reasons, nighttime binge eating is a serious problem if you're trying to lose weight. Researchers — and people all around the world — are beginning to realize that the number one diet killer might not be sugar or fast food or carbs, but "Nighttime Binge Eating."

What is it about the "nighttime" that's such a diet killer… and why have ordinary diet pills ignored the problem for so long?

The answer is quite simple. Virtually every diet pill in existence is designed to be taken 2 or 3 times a day, usually before meals, and therefore they wear off right about the time that the nighttime binge eating cycle is kicking in. (Not to mention the fact that so many contain high levels of stimulants... not exactly the best solution if you want to get to sleep.)

"What people need to know is that the amount of calories consumed by the typical late night binge eater can exceed the amount consumed throughout the day," explains Dr. Amy Heaton, PhD. "That's why developing a weight-loss compound specifically designed with ingredients that have been shown to limit ad libitum (‘at one's pleasure') food intake, reduce anxiety (which is so often related to nighttime binge eating), and also to help users sleep more effectively through the night (since many people find themselves binge eating during nighttime wakefulness) was so important."

Is there anything that can help interrupt the nighttime binge eating cycle?

Having identified the problem of nighttime binge eating, a group of researchers set to work developing a formula to combat it. They knew that a nighttime binge eating formula shouldn't contain harsh stimulants, dangerous chemicals or habit-forming sleep aids, while at the same time, it needed to interrupt the nighttime binge eating cycle, help reduce stress, and suppress appetite. The result is something called SomnaTrim: a nextgeneration diet pill specifically developed to help overcome the nighttime binge eating cycle. So if your last diet failed because of evening, nighttime, or even middle-of-the night binge eating, don't give up. Help is on the way!

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