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Stron Bone and Joint

Size:90 capsules

Onnit Stron Bone and Joint is a Strontium Bone supplement with Glucosamine and MSM for Joint Support. Strontium is a key mineral which naturally occurrs in the bones, but only recently has its amazing benefits in helping the body promote strong, healthy bones been documented. Onnit Stron Bone and Joint contains the same amount of elemental strontium as shown effective in recent research. In addition, Onnit Stron Bone and Joint provides a balanced blend of supportive bone-development nutrients are included along with glucosamine, MSM, and hyaluronic acid to provide the body with supplementary assistance to healthy joints.

The Stron BONE impact

What does a 41% decrease in fracture risk mean to you? It means the ability to absorb more impact. It means the ability to bounce back from an accident. In a study posted in the New England Journal of Medicine, a dose of 680mg of strontium ranelate (the same amount of elemental strontium as found in Onnit Stron Bone and Joint) demonstrated this remarkable decrease in fracture risk.1 Another study demonstrated over a 30% increase in bone density when taken as part of a regimen that included calcium.2 Whether you are a fighter looking to build hands of steel, an enthusiast of any adventure sport where taking a fall is a hazard of the ride, or simply want to have the strongest bones and smoothest joints possible, Onnit Stron Bone and Joint is a one stop revolution for your skeletal system.

Strontium, the forgotten mineral

Strontium is a natural constituent of certain whole grains and fish and has chemical properties most similar to calcium. There is generally a limited abundance of strontium in processed foods, which may contribute to loss of bone mass over time. Though the use of strontium as a recommended dietary supplement dates back to 1890, recent double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies have demonstrated its bone strengthening properties. How does it work? Strontium may positively promote pre-osteoblast replication, increasing the number of cells that eventually execute the role of bone-forming processes. Simultaneously, strontium can inhibit the differentiation of osteoclasts, the bone cells that break down bone tissue in order to increase blood calcium concentration. Lastly, strontium supplementation can help the body increase collagen synthesis that cannot be replicated with calcium supplementation alone.

The Onnit Stron Bone and Joint venture

Maintaining healthy connective tissue between bones is imperative for athletic performance, flexibility, and helping the body to minimize pain. Onnit Stron Bone and Joint combines three well studied natural compounds targeted at the joints. N-acetyl D-glucosamine acts by stimulating the metabolism of chondrocytes within synovial tissue, preventing the degradation between bones that leads to arthritis. Methysulfonlymenthane (MSM) is another naturally derived compound that is present in high concentrations in skin, hair, and connective tissue. A 2011 study supplemented subjects with osteoarthritis of the knee and found improvements in physical function and decreased levels of pain after 12 weeks. The effects of MSM are widespread throughout the body, yet the therapeutic value has been attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide present in skin, eyes, and joints and highly-concentrated in soft connective tissue. It plays a diverse role mediating key cellular processes, including regeneration of tissue, cell signaling and construction of the extracellular matrix.

Will any Onnit product produce a false positive on a drug test?

All Onnit products are produced in an NSF certified lab and contain zero ingredients that would show up on any published banned substances list or drug test worldwide. Furthermore, we have had several products -- including Onnit Alpha Brain - tested in Germany by the Kolner Liste and be verified as clean for competition. Onnit is proud of olympic and professional athletes, as well as everyday comsumers that are subjected to drug tests and would do nothing to jeopardize anyone's professional career. Accordingly, Onnit Hemp Force Hemp Protein Superfood does not contain any psychoactive cannabinoids and will similarly not show up on a drug test.


These are nutrients, not chemicals and as such, tolerance is not as much of an issue and hasn't been demonstrated. However, the first week may be more dramatic as initial neurotransmitter baseline will rise over time. So Basically, you're not going to feel the initial kick of the nutrients after your body becomes used to them, but you will not build up a tolerance or dependance on the formulas.

About Onnit

Onnit started with a goal to bring you the very best natural supplements combined in unique formulas to provide you with unparalleled simplicity and efficacy in improving your state of being. Their flagship nootropic, Alpha Brain, is designed to be a one-stop powerhouse for helping the body boost neurotransmitter levels and bring your mind to the top of its game. Other formulas for mood, stamina, immune health, and bone & joint health round their list of celebrated novel formulations.

Having achieved incredible results for tens of thousands of thrilled customers and professionals alike they realized that they could better serve the wellness of their customers by offering select best-in-class fitness products including kettlebells and functional foods, like Hemp FORCE. They pledge to never sell gimmicks or the latest buzz words, and only bring you products of the utmost quality that that can stand behind 100%. Consider Onnit your health & fitness ally.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.