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Shroom Tech Immune

Size:30 capsule

Onnit Shroom Tech Immune is a revolutionary formula designed to directly influence the body's ability to maintain a healthy immune system. At the heart of Onnit Shroom Tech Immune is a combination of some of the most potent nutritional mushrooms in the world, rich with bio-active fungal polysaccharides and beta glucans believed to help the body to stimulate the production of killer T- and B-cells directly. Rounding out the Onnit Shroom Tech Immune powerful combination are the immune essential minerals selenium and zinc, along with the most popular immune stimulating herb in the world, echinacea purpurea. While nothing can guarantee a lifetime of good health, Onnit Shroom Tech Immune may help to stack the odds in your favor.

Invest in good health

The immune system is not only important in keeping you healthy year round, it is equally important in defending against the "big stuff." In an optimally-functioning immune system, killer T- and B-cells meet immune challenges before larger issues arise. The prevailing attitude is, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." But the problem with this line of thinking is that often by the time the immune system "breaks," it is too late to fix. Far better is to start making small deposits into the bank of good health while healthy. Consider Onnit Shroom Tech Immune a small daily investment in your future longevity.

Killer T- and B-cells are designed to attack entering immune challenges and destroy them before they are allowed to replicate. However, when the body is under stress, a state of weakened immune capacity decreases the chances of the body's immune system to overcome a challenge. In this instance, secondary measures that are often uncomfortable will be taken in order to reduce the burden on the body. Onnit Shroom Tech Immune is designed to increase the body's chances to overcome these challenges before they begin and trigger reactionary measures. Complex polysaccharides help the body keep killer immune cells ready and primed to help you breeze through the year.

Shroom TECH Immune science

The mechanism of action revolves around complex polysaccharides and beta glucans intrinsic in certain nutritional mushrooms that trigger the production and activation of killer T- and B-cells - the body's defenders. Found readily in both the Immune Assist mushroom blend and the Reishi and Chaga mushroom found in Onnit Shroom Tech Immune, these compounds are on the forefront of clinical research in several fields. Zinc and selenium are minerals that are further linked to healthy immune function.

Will any Onnit product produce a false positive on a drug test?

All Onnit products are produced in an NSF certified lab and contain zero ingredients that would show up on any published banned substances list or drug test worldwide. Furthermore, we have had several products -- including Onnit Alpha Brain - tested in Germany by the Kolner Liste and be verified as clean for competition. Onnit is proud of olympic and professional athletes, as well as everyday comsumers that are subjected to drug tests and would do nothing to jeopardize anyone's professional career. Accordingly, Onnit Hemp Force Hemp Protein Superfood does not contain any psychoactive cannabinoids and will similarly not show up on a drug test.


These are nutrients, not chemicals and as such, tolerance is not as much of an issue and hasn't been demonstrated. However, the first week may be more dramatic as initial neurotransmitter baseline will rise over time. So Basically, you're not going to feel the initial kick of the nutrients after your body becomes used to them, but you will not build up a tolerance or dependance on the formulas.

About Onnit

Onnit started with a goal to bring you the very best natural supplements combined in unique formulas to provide you with unparalleled simplicity and efficacy in improving your state of being. Their flagship nootropic, Alpha Brain, is designed to be a one-stop powerhouse for helping the body boost neurotransmitter levels and bring your mind to the top of its game. Other formulas for mood, stamina, immune health, and bone & joint health round their list of celebrated novel formulations.

Having achieved incredible results for tens of thousands of thrilled customers and professionals alike they realized that they could better serve the wellness of their customers by offering select best-in-class fitness products including kettlebells and functional foods, like Hemp FORCE. They pledge to never sell gimmicks or the latest buzz words, and only bring you products of the utmost quality that that can stand behind 100%. Consider Onnit your health & fitness ally.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.