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Fruit & Vegetable Wash


Eat Cleaner is the savvy way to super clean food. Invented by a natural foods industry veteran and mom and her father, an environmental scientist and MS agriculture after he was diagnosed with cancer, the two set out to create a safe, effective, all natural solution to cleaning residue from fresh food that can cause food borne illness, while encouraging families to eat more produce. Eat Cleaner is the only tasteless, odorless, all-natural and lab-tested line of food wash and wipes that is significantly more effective than water in cleaning surface contaminants*, pesticide residues, waxes and organic particles from commercially and organically grown produce. In a 14-day study, applying Eat Cleaner All Natural Fruit + Vegetable Wash to a variety of fruit and vegetables also prolonged shelf life up to 200% longer through a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants. This can help save your family on average over $500 per year, reducing waste and making it easy to get your half plate of fruit and veggies each day. By using the wash and wipes, you are also helping to keep produce out of landfills - a huge contributor to methane emissions. Eat Cleaner is used by celebrity chefs, everyday heroes and superstar parents everywhere. You'll see, taste and feel the difference. Think before you bite and Eat Cleaner. How to Use: Spray Eat Cleaner on the surface of fresh produce, wait 2 minutes and rinse with clean water. Enjoy produce thoroughly! If storing produce, spray the surface of fruit and vegetables and rinse when ready to eat.

  • Eat Cleaner is over 99% more effective than water in removing wax, pesticide and agricultural residue from the surface of fresh produce, keeping you and your family safe!
  • Eat Cleaner is effective in extending produce shelf life up to 200% longer, helping you save money!
  • A simple way to Inhibit browning on cut produce, like apples, potatoes and lettuce
  • Safe to clean countertops and cutting surfaces, utensils - even your hands

Just spray your produce, let sit for two minutes and rinse.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Woman's Multi
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