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Lawn Protectant


Though you won't see them, See Spot Run releases millions of microbes into the soil. And unlike enzymes, with routine watering,these microbes will produce millions more microbes. Talk about Concentrated! These mass of mircrobes begin to restore order to support the soil and root system. Once you apply See Spot Run, it seeps through your soil, neutralizing the damaging effects of dog urine. And with the support of SSR's unique microbe formula, your soil is better suited to allow for germination again. Depending on the type of grass, you'll begin to see results within 2 weeks.

Apply in the spring, just as you see the signs of spring showing up in the greening of your grass. See Spot Run works best when the ground temperature is at least 50 degrees. You can apply through to fall, and a late application at the end of the growing season will help during the winter when your pets are continuing activity on the lawn. Every 6-8 weeks is the suggested frequency to apply. Spot treatment may be needed if an area is “overwhelmed” by the dog(s). As you see the beginnings of new spots, reapply. As soon as SSR is watered in, you can let everyone back onto the lawn.

So, don't ignore or try to mask the problem with "green paint." Use All Natural See Spot Run. Because spots belong on your dog, not on your yard!

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