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Item #25113
Sidekick Stainless Steel Container Large by To-Go Ware
Sidekick Stainless Steel Container Large

To-Go Ware Stainless Steel Sidekick Container is a reusable, lightweight 1 cup container. Who doesn't like a sidekick? Just ask Batman, Snoopy and Pat Sajak. They'll tell ya. Or ask your tiffin. It's psyched about To-Go Ware's stainless steel sidekick tiffins that come in two sizes, small and large, to hold things like dressings, soup, nuts and anything else you might like on the side. Moms love it for those small portions of snack for the kids and they are great for cereals, berries or baby food!

  • The small sidekick is 2" high, 2 1/2" in diameter and holds 1/2 cup of liquid.
  • The large sidekick is 2" high, 3 1/2 in diameter and holds 1 cup of liquid.

Due to the nature of stainless steel, particularly the kind approved for food storage, it's not necessary to put a coating on it - that's why it's such a popular material for kitchen, food and medical use. Additionally, To-Go Ware only uses a grade of stainless that is approved for the health and safety of our consumers - they are deeply committed to protecting the Earth and the people who live here!

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, products on our web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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