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Max Effect Liquid Multi Vitamin


Max Effect utilizes individual Potency Protection to deliver their liquid vitamin, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit of the product from the first ounce to the last. A recent study indicates that "nutrient loss is likely caused by the oxidation that takes place as air is introduced into liquid". It is well known that many nutrients are sensitive to, and degrade from exposure to oxygen, including (but not limited to) Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Niacin, Biotin, Thiamin, and Folic Acid. These sealed Potency Protection Bottles not only provide mess free, east-to-carry daily dosing, but also decrease the "Redox" or the possibility of nutrient loss due to the exposure of oxygen. Each daily use is like opening a new bottle for the first time!

  • Energize the Body & Mind
  • Heart Health
  • Immune System Support
  • High ORAC & Antioxidant Protection
  • Strengthen Joints & Bones
  • Promote Healthy Metabolism
  • Potency Protected
  • Convenient Portability
  • ORAC 2900

About Epic Dental

Epic Dental products contain xylitol, a powerful all-natural tool to improve your family's oral health. Not a chemical or a drug, xylitol's completely natural and even produced by the human body during normal metabolism.

What Xylitol Does:

  • Xylitol Prevents Cavities: Xylitol's unique molecular structure works against bacteria. In fact, studies show that 6 grams of the xylitol found in Epic reduce acid-producing bacteria. By reducing the bacteria, you reduce cavities.
  • Xylitol Is Diabetic Friendly Sweetener: Our friends with diabetes have repeatedly thanked us for finding them a wonderful replacement to sugar. In fact, xylitol is only an 11 on the glycemic index, and since xylitol contains 40% fewer calories than sugar, you'll be smiling each time you step on the scale as well.
  • Xylitol Soothes & Quenches Dry Mouth: Epic's xylitol not only naturally stimulates saliva flow, but also fights the cause of the acid production. Both our gum and mints are ideal ways produce additional saliva. You'll find our mouthwash an ideal catalyst for an extra dose of cavity-fighting-gentle-buffer-building goodness. Learn more about relief from dry mouth.
  • Xylitol Can Help Prevent Kids' Ear Infections: Xylitol has been approved for use by people of all ages. Studies suggest that children especially, can benefit from using xylitol. In fact, in most of the xylitol research studies, children have been the key participants. Interestingly, studies have also shown that xylitol can strongly impact the bacteria that causes many inner-ear infections.

Where Xylitol Comes From

German chemists discovered the naturally occurring sugar in the late 19th century in birch tree bark, and since then, it's also been naturally found in fruits and vegetables.

We choose corn. It's renewable, and it affords us greater opportunities.

Marketing myths abound that the plant source of xylitol impacts the end product (i.e., corn vs. birch), but any scientist worth his sweetener will tell you there's no molecular difference in the harvested end product with regards to its source. None. Zip.

Epic xylitol comes from some remarkable family corn farmers in China who help us go to exhausting lengths to bring you the best and purest pharmaceutical-grade xylitol on Earth. Using non-GMO, renewable corn crops, we can safely harvest and produce enough xylitol to power our small company (and its eco-friendly-smiling customers) and sleep soundly at night knowing we're stewards of the earth and future generations.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Woman's Multi
Woman's Multi
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