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Nail ReVive Natural Defense

Size:60 capsule

Ridgecrest Herbals Nail ReVive Natural Defense depends of a surprisingly wide variety of key nutrients, and many nail problems can be traced to a shortage of one or more of these essential building blocks. Ridgecrest Herbals Nail ReVive Natural Defense stands alone as the only formula for your nails that improves nutrition at its core through whole foods combined with the most critical elements for nail health.

The whole food nutrients, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Kelp, Spirulina and Brewer's Yeast provide a complete complex of nutrients that are rich in all of the crucial factors for nail health. This base of nutrients ensures that the body has all of the material it needs to build healthy, strong and faster growing nails.

In addition to this whole food blend, there are necessary elements that require higher potencies to create the healthiest nails. Silica is a major component in the development of collagen. Ridgecrest Herbals Nail ReVive Natural Defense delivers Silica to the cells through a combination of whole food silica and pure silica combined with AvailaBlend, which provides better bioavailability than traditional silica products. Biotin is well known for it's benefits in growing beautiful hair. However, it is just as important in producing strong, healthy nails. Biotin deficiency often leads to weaker hair, skin and nails. Ridgecrest Herbals Nail ReVive Natural Defense also includes Zinc and Folic Acid, both of which are essential to healthy nails but often deficient in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

What do your nails say about you?

Probably more than you realize! Healthy nails are desirable for more than just cosmetic reasons. In fact, fingernails often reflect an individuals overall health! Like hair, nails are often an external indicator of internal health. Like hair, they also require and reflect good health over a long period of time (2-3 years). So it is really no wonder that hair and nails have long been a symbol of good health, status and beauty in most cultures throughout the world.

Fingernails and toenails are composed of layers of a protein called Keratin. As new cells are constantly growing, old cells become hard and compacted, and are eventually pushed out through nail beds to form the nails. Nails grow at different rates depending on age, nutrition, and health conditions.

Take a look at your fingernails. Healthy nails are strong, smooth, clear or whitish in color and grow consistently. Unhealthy nails may reveal themselves in a variety of different ways. They may appear yellow, brown or even greenish in color. Some fingernails show very little growth and are thin or brittle. Other nails may emerge spotted, pitted, oddly shaped, too thick, loose from the nail beds, or with ridges. Unhealthy nails are more susceptible to disease, fungal infections and can just be plain unattractive!

One of the best ways to have beautiful strong nails is to eat a nutritious diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lean proteins. Vitamins and and minerals are crucial to all aspects of health, and are also required for healthy nails. Specifically Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Silica are essential to nail growth. A healthy lifestyle, including good sleep, exercise (for blood circulation), and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking can have a powerful impact on nail health. Also avoid acetone-based nail polishes and removers, and moisturize nail beds regularly.

About Ridgecrest Herbals

At RidgeCrest Herbals, their goal is to make the best natural remedies available anywhere, remedies that make a real difference. They summarize our unique approach in three words: Eclectic, Innovative, and Effective.


Eclectic means choosing the best from a variety of disciplines or styles. Ridgecrest Herbals doesn't believe that any one health discipline holds a monopoly on effectiveness. Many health problems are nearly universal throughout the world, and have been successfully treated in many different ways across time and in different cultures. They search the world for natural ingredients and methods that show promising results, and don't limit ourselves to any one culture or discipline.


In many cases, traditional methods can be improved with modern insights. By the same token, approaches used in one discipline can be refined by concepts from another. But such innovations must be approached carefully to preserve the traditional benefits. Some of Ridgecrest Herbals' innovations include homeoactive encapsulation, a way of combining homeopathics with herbs or nutrients for maximum potency, and Portfolio formulation, a way of using small doses of many ingredients to increase the safety and efficacy of herbal formulations.


Any natural remedy must be measured by its results. Ridgecrest Herbals' formulas work very well - or they go back to the drawing board. Many of their formulas are best-sellers in their category. They stand behind their products absolutely, and every day, they build their reputation for "Guaranteed Results, Naturally!".

Many of their products work so fast (within a day). Others may take days, or even weeks to produce noticeable results. But whether they work in hours, days, or weeks, Ridgecrest Herbals always stands behind their products.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.