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Snooze Hrx RCN 927 Snooze Complex


Herbal Destination Snooze Hrx is a natural sleep aid. It is an ancient time tested formula that helps to relax the brain, calm the nerves and provide restful sleep. It is a multi herb formula that has a great track record. Each one of the herbs in this formula has unique properties in aiding sleep naturally and helping relieve stress and anxiety. Non-GMO. This natural sleep aid is made from ingredients that were not genetically engineered.

  • Promotes restful sleep.
  • Relieves occasional stress.
  • Reduces nervous irritability; promotes healthy mood levels.
  • Helps to relax by calming mind and body.

Herbal Destination Snooze Hrx 927 Snooze Complex is a Vegan Certified natural sleep aid. It is a combination of 6 effective herbal extracts; and this formula is considered to be non-addictive.

Rauwolfia serpentina:

In some literature it is mentioned that more than 20 alkaloids have been isolated from this herb including Reserpine which is known to have many benefits and has come to prominence lately.

Convolvulus pluricaulis:

It is a perennial herb also known as "Aloe-weed" in English. From ancient times, it is used to help improve mental power and thus to improve memory. It is also used to help with anxiety, irritation and stress related conditions. It is also useful as a brain tonic and as a Natural sleep aid.

Spikenard (Jatamansi):

Spikenard belongs to the Valerian family. The root and rhizome are useful parts of the plant. It is useful for stress relief and sleep. All its parts, including root and rhizome, have beneficial properties. Jatamansone obtained from the Rhizomes is the useful extract; and this extract makes the formula a good natural sleep aid.

Valeriana wallichii:

This herb is also known as Indian valerian. Valeriana originated from the Latin word Valere meaning to be in good health. Valerian root historically has been used to help with the problems related to stress and sleep. Valerenic acid is thought to be, at least partly responsible for the sleep inducing properties of the essential oil of Valerian. It also has anti-anxiety properties.

Bacopa monnieri:

Bacopa has a number of uses. It calms the mind and provides restful sleep and has a great track record.

Piper longum:

This herb is well known as Long pepper. It is made up of volatile oil, piperine and others. The constituents in this makes this a good natural sleep aid.

About Herbal Destination

Herbal Destination makes products that meet the everyday needs of people in the alternate remedies world! Herbal Destination manufactures its products at state of the art facilities in India. The partner companies in India have been providing Ayurvedic natural herbal solutions for decades. The partner companies have been in the forefront of Research & Development and production of new products all the time. Herbal products manufacturing involves complex and repetitive steps in particular category of products. Hence, systems are of great value to ensure that there are no variations batch after batch and this harmony is perfectly achieved at their locations.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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