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Item #25591
Organic Coconut Jam by Coconut World
Organic Coconut Jam
Size:11.6 oz

Coconut milk and coconut syrup combine to create this delicious and nourishing spread. Enjoy this exquisite treat on crackers with cheese. Spread on toast or a sandwich. Use it as a fruit dip. Natural oil separation may occur, just stir at room temperature. No refrigeration necessary.

About Coconut World

Coconut World is about the world of coconuts - everything that the coconut palm tree offers, from the superfoods, geotextiles, and biofuels, to the communities that rely on them. Their mission is to bring this world to YOU.

At Coconut World, they are committed to offering you the highest quality superfoods and in the process, educating you about their natural goodness. They are also committed to helping the communities of coconut farmers in many parts of the world. Coconut World trades directly with farm co-operatives, allowing the farmers to capture a greater share of the market value. They also work closely with both governmental and non-profit based poverty reduction projects that help to educate, empower and support rural farming communities.

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