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Neck Wrap


The CrampArrest Neck Wrap provides rapid and safe relief of neck and shoulder area tension and muscle cramps. Because the unique Cramp Arrest compound is effective without needing to be micro-waved or cooled to be helpful, the Neck Wrap can be used virtually anywhere, anytime.

Who can benefit from the Cramp Arrest Neck Wrap?

  • This 23-inch long Neck Wrap features an insert containing the all-natural Cramp Arrest compound, combined with buckwheat hulls. The printed all-cotton outer sleeve is attractive enough to be worn in almost any work or social environment, and it can be removed for hand washing.
  • Convenient 14-inch ribbon ties hold the Neck Wrap securely around the neck, or it may be draped over the upper back and shoulders, depending on user's need and preference. Neck Wrap users have also applied it to many other area of the body in need of relief from muscle tension or cramps - legs, low back, feet or forearms.
  • The Neck Wrap is light (weighs about 4 oz.) and comfortable, making it easy to wear (all day, if necessary!) and convenient to take along to work or office, and to pack on travel excursions. Each Cramp Arrest Neck Wrap will last four to six months (to prolong effectiveness, we recommend storing Neck Wrap in a zip-lock plastic bag when not in use).

The Neck Wrap can relieve neck and shoulder muscle tension and tight, cramped muscles around your painful body parts, or for anyone performing a tedious task. Long haul drivers, receptionists, automobile drivers in city traffic or on long trips, airplane travelers, computer users, sewers and quilters have all benefited from the Cramp Arrest Neck Wrap.

About CrampArrest

CrampArrest compound is a proprietary formula of natural, non-toxic ingredients, such as specially processed plant oils including canola, coconut, olive and palm oils, as well as (in some of our products) pure essential oils. Developed by a nurse practitioner, the primary formula for all CrampArrest products is based on proven all-natural remedies that relieve and prevent muscle cramps. It is not a gimmick, nor is it a placebo. It really works.

How does CrampArrest work?

The best explanation for how it works centers on the compound of specially processed plant oils. The compound that emanates from the specially processed plant oils comprises the CrampArrest formula. The compound is absorbed by the skin, relaxing the muscle cramps while preventing muscles from tightening up again.

The CrampArrest Formula is so efficient that, for most people, the Pouch and Neck Wrap need only to be placed in the general area affected by cramps to produce the desired therapeutic benefits.

While we use essential oils in most of our products for sensory pleasure and for the additional benefits they might provide, we need to emphasize that the Essential Oils are not essential to the effectiveness of the CrampArrest formula. Our Non-Aromatic Pouch and Neck Wrap, therefore, are as effective for muscle tension and cramps as are the products which do contain the essential oils.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.