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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is named after the second Earl of Grey. Hampstead Tea has recreated the original formula using an exclusive blend of biodynamic teas with the natural oil of bergamot, a Sicilian citrus fruit. The result is an Earl Grey admirably suited to modern tastes: aromatic, smooth and sophisticated but never overpowering.

About Hampstead Tea

The Makaibari tea estate in India's Darjeeling province is the world's first certified biodynamic estate and the last owner-managed estate in the district. Here, 66 percent of the acreage is undisturbed rainforest where tea grows in harmony with the area's natural ecological system. All the black green and white teas are made especially at Makaibari for our discerning customers who appreciate the special taste and quality of our teas. Our herbal teas also come from biodynamic growers all over the world and are renowned for their clear jewel like liquors and unique health giving properties.


Biodynamic agriculture is not just an innovative method of farming; its thoughtful practices are a reflection of its philosophical approach to wellbeing.

As Rajah Banerjee, Makaibari's pioneering owner, says, "Force can evince quick results, but these are not sustainable, while love and patience create awareness on a long term and sustainable basis" Biodynamic farming is a means to discovering the perfect balance between soil and environment. With over 50% of Makaibari's acreage made up of undisturbed rainforest it is home to thousands of organisms and an exotic range of animals.

By utilising natural and vegetative waste as fertilisers, as well as herbal preparations as natural insect deterrents, Rajah has created a community which successfully sustains and nourishes itself, eliminating the need for artificial growth stimulants and harmful pesticides. Thus, in caring for the environment in which he plants and picks his tea, Rajah and his dedicated team of workers care for the health of those who nurture it and those drink it too.

Fair Trade

Caring for everything that forms our environment means taking care of all the people who fill it. Fair-trading ensures that those who make the phenomenal ideas of passionate growers possible, are nurtured too.

For every kilogram of tea purchased under the fair-trade programme, a proportion goes directly to these farming communities to fund vital social development projects. Electricity, education initiatives, and medical care facilities are crucial needs which have been made a part of village life thanks to Fair-trade.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.