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Daily Immune Defense


Doctor's Best Daily Immune Defense featuring Epicor contains three novel factors that powerfully support immune health and wellness. Epicor is a nutritive dried yeast fermentate of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (used in baking and brewing) that supports cellular metabolism and modulates immune function. In vitro lab data has shown that Epicor activates Natural Killer (NK) cells. Emed-OLE is a premier extract of olive leaf that has a high concentration of oleuropein, a powerful phyto-antioxidant that has shown an ability to regulate immune function. Immunolin is a high quality purified protein isolate high in immunoglobulins and beneficial growth factors that are known to support immune system wellness.

Daily Immune Defense featuring EpiCor also contains 2000 IU of vitamin D3 and 30 mg of zinc per daily dose. Vitamin D3 is known to powerfully modulate immune function and the activity of immune cells, and promote innate immunity. Zinc promotes immune wellness by supporting the body's T-cell response and enhancing the body's immune resistance. Copper is included to maintain a healthy zinc-copper ratio, as each mineral competes with the other for absorption. A proper balance of the two is important for health.

  • Science-based nutrition
  • Modulates immune system function
  • Promotes optimal immune health and wellness
  • Powerful immune support

EpiCor is a nutritive dried yeast fermentate of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (often used in baking and brewing) that supports cellular metabolism and modulates immune function. In vitro laboratory data has shown that EpiCor activates Natural Killer (NK) cells.

EpiCor is a unique and novel dietary supplement used for support of immune health, with a fascinating history of discovery. In 1943, a company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa began manufacturing and selling a fermentation product from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the same yeast used in bread and beer making. The product was and still is used as an additive for animal feed to help improve digestion as well as overall health in animals. It has been on the market for over 60 years.

Interestingly, when the company became self-insured, they became aware of unusually low rates of illness in employees that worked in the manufacturing plant for this animal product. This led to very low increases in their insurance premiums over the years compared to other companies, saving them quite a lot of money. Hence they began to investigate what might be the cause of the "healthfulness" of the employees at the fermentation plant. This investigation and subsequent research studies led to the production of EpiCor as a supplement for humans to support immune system health.

A comparison study was performed on blood from 10 fermentation plant workers compared to that from 10 age- and gender-matched controls. The fermentation plant workers had several immune cell parameters that appeared superior to the control group. These included decreased levels of CD8 cells resulting in significantly increased CD4 to CD8 ratios, significantly improved cytotoxic natural killer (NK) cell activity even though total NK cells were decreased in number, higher killing efficiency of NK cells, significantly increased levels of secretory IgA, increased numbers of EpiCor specific antibodies, higher levels of red blood cell intracellular glutathione, and significantly lower levels of immune complexes. These results represent benefits on various cellular players of both the specific and innate parts of the immune system.

NK cells are one of the first lines of defense used by the immune system.An in vitro study performed on human cells showed that NK cells were activated after incubation with EpiCor, as evaluated by expression of the CD69 activation marker. The CD25 marker (IL-2 receptor) was also induced in the NK cells, although to a lesser degree. B cell activation was also noted through increased expression of CD80 and CD86 markers. Immediate increases in calcium levels were evident in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after exposure to EpiCor, suggesting increased activation through calcium regulation.

Several human clinical trials have been performed to date using EpiCor for supporting various aspects of the human immune response. The results of these studies attest to the multitude of potential benefits of EpiCor supplementation. EpiCor has been found to have a number of short-term effects, such as an increase in white blood cell activity, including an increase in NK cell activity and numbers. EpiCor also possesses several long-term beneficial immune effects including enhancing healthy secretion of secretory IgA, which is an important part of the body's first line immune defense. By displaying both short and long-term immune potentiating benefits, EpiCor is an ideal daily supplemental nutrient for supporting important aspects of immune health.

Emed-OLE is a premier extract of olive leaf that has a high concentration of oleuropein, a powerful phyto-antioxidant that has shown an ability to regulate immune function.

The bitter secoiridoid oleuropein is the major phenol component found in olive leaves, and is known for its antioxidant effects. The concentration of oleuropein in leaves by weight ranges from 9. 04 to 14. 32%. 6 Other important constituents in the plant include oleuroside, ligstroside, demethyoleuropein, oleacin, kaempferol, quercitin, caffeic acid, erythrodiol, rutin, verbascoside, luteolin 7-glucoside, and apigenin 7-glucoside. A number of in vitro studies have established the antioxidant effects of oleuropein. In an in vivo model, rabbits fed oleuropein were found to have significantly lower levels of the oxidative stress marker malondialdehyde (MDA) in both plasma and in erythrocytes when compared to control rabbits. Additionally, a human study found that oral intake of increasing amounts of oleuropein and its hydrolysis derivative hydroxytyrosol led to significant dose dependant decreases of the oxidative stress marker isoprostane in the urine of the subjects.

Emed-OLETM is produced by Euromed from Olea europaea (Olive) trees found in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, which have been cultivated there since Roman times. The trees are grown under good agricultural practice (GAP) requirements prohibiting the use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on the tree during cultivation. The production utilizes a standardized method of water/ethanol extraction resulting in a full complement of fat and water-soluble olive phytochemicals. Extracts are carefully monitored to ensure the absence of contaminants as well as accurate and consistent levels of oleuropein in every batch. The drying process is performed in such a way to ensure that antioxidant activity is preserved. Emed-OLE satisfies international monograph requirements for quality and safety.

Recent research on olive leaf extract highlights its potential immune-enhancing effects. Studies suggest that olive leaf extract supports a balanced immune response by modulating the production of several chemical messengers, or cytokines. For example, a recent animal trial found that administration of olive leaf extract led to a reduction in the release of inflammatory cytokines, including IFN- ? and IL-17. This action led to support of tissue health and an overall maintenance of healthy immunity.

Further results from in vitro trials have indicated gastrointestinal health-supportive properties of olive leaf extract and its derivatives. Oleuropein and elenolic acid from olive leaf extract have been shown to be effective promoters and regulators of microbial flora in the digestive tract and supporters of gut mucosal immunity.

Immunolin is a high quality purified protein isolate high in immunoglobulins and beneficial growth factors that are known to support immune system wellness.

Immunolin is a concentrated source of bovine immunoglobulins or antibodies, which are proteins that function as an important part of the adaptive immune system. Immunolin is especially rich in particular classes of immunoglobulins, namely IgG, IgM, and IgA. When taken orally Immunolin is intended to support and supplement the body's healthy immune system. In addition to immunoglobulins, Immunolin also contains a number of other supportive constituents including transferrin, cytokines, endotoxin-binding proteins, and acute phase proteins. Plasma protein from which Immunolin is derived has been commonly added to diets of early-weaned pigs in a spray-dried form in place of soy protein because it has been found to increase growth rate and food intake in these young and vulnerable animals in numerous studies. In one such study, a diet containing spray-dried animal plasma was compared to a control diet in newly-weaned pigs and it was found that, although the mean daily protein intake did not differ between groups, the rate of weight gain and dietary protein conversion efficiency, as well as utilization for lean tissue growth, was significantly higher in the animals eating the plasma diet. Similarly, gain-to-feed ratios increased linearly in male newly weaned mice fed diets with similar nutrient concentrations and increasing amounts of plasma protein.

To determine which component of the plasma protein provides its beneficial effects on growth performance, various molecular weight extracts of the plasma were compared. Pigs fed fractions especially rich in IgG produced similar beneficial results on growth and food intake increases as the plasma protein when compared to control diets. However, neither albumin-rich nor low molecular weight fractions produced such effects, suggesting that the IgG-rich fraction may be the important component from the plasma for the noted growth benefit. It has been hypothesized based on results discussed below that this benefit on growth may be due to a supportive effect on the immune system of these animals.

A number of animal studies have been performed using oral supplementation of plasma protein in healthy animals before and during immune system challenges. Findings show that healthy newly weaned pigs fed spray dried plasma had improved growth performance, decreased IgA secretion, enhanced intestinal mucosal function, and decreased levels of certain cytokines including TNF-alpha and IL-8 after challenge compared to those fed a control diet. In addition to an increase in healthy weight gain and gain to feed ratios, nonchallenged pigs fed spray dried plasma protein had significantly lower percentages of macrophages, B lymphocytes, and gamma delta TCR positive lymphocytes in their lymph nodes and significantly lower percentage of macrophages in the Peyer's patches (important lymphoid components of the intestinal immune system) compared to controls.

An additional study looked at the effects of both animal plasma as well as concentrated immunoglobulins on the barrier function of the intestines in rats. Newly-weaned Wistar Lewis rats were fed either a control diet, a spray dried animal plasma enriched diet, or an immunoglobulin concentrate enriched diet. After challenge, the rats fed the control diet exhibited an increased permeability of the intestinal tract, while this was not seen in rats fed either the plasma protein or the immunoglobulin supplemented diets, suggesting a supportive role for these diets. Spray dried animal plasma also appears to have a positive effect on the growth of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacilli species in the intestinal tract of challenged pigs.

The production of Immunolin for support of the immune system utilizes cold processing and low temperature drying of serum to ensure high quality and prevent any degradation of protein during the manufacturing process.

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Immune System Support
Immune System Support
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