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Resveratrol Super Complex


While many believe resveratrol may have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and weight loss haracteristics, additional research on this antioxidant agent has shown that it can assist in warding off disease. Resveratrol may also help to avoid free radical damage and provide better support to blood vessels caused by elevated levels of blood glucose. High levels of glucose in the blood may experience cellular damage and develop retinopathy, kidney disease, and heart disease. A recent study suggests that resveratrol may also not only reduce the risk of heart disease, but also age-related illnesses like Alzheimer's disease.

Resveratrol Super Complex brings together resveratrol plus other powerful antioxidants, resulting in a premium 1200mg potent formula. Resveratrol is combined with powerful antioxidant polyphenolic compounds (quercetin, and extracts from green tea, grape seed, and grape skin), resulting in a formula that both strengthens the cardiovascular system and modulates genes known to enhance life span.

While it has been know for thousands of years that wine is a healthful drink (thus the old Roman saying 'In Vino Sanitas'- In wine there is health), the scientific community started taking wine's health benefits seriously after 60 Minutes reported the famous 'French Paradox' study in which people in France were less likely to die of heart attacks than Americans despite similar high fat diets. The study concluded that the relatively large amounts of red wine consumed by the French protected their hearts. The study took a close look at what compound was providing this amazing benefits. Resveratrol gained the largest amounts of interest and provided the most benefits.

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Super Softgel Multi
Super Softgel Multi
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