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Don't floss? Then AirFloss.

If flossing isn't a regular part of your oral care routine, the Philips Sonicare AirFloss can give you an easy, effective way to clean between your teeth. It features microburst technology that delivers air and microdroplets of water or mouth rinse to remove plaque between teeth, and it's proven safe and gentle on gums and teeth. With one-button functionality and a guidance tip that ensures targeted cleaning, Sonicare AirFloss can quickly clean your entire mouth in just 30 seconds. AirFloss takes the hassle out of flossing so you can get a deep clean every day. Helps prevent cavities between teeth.

  • Colored nozzles - Replacement nozzles with colored tips available for easy identification
  • Auto-burst option - Available with single or continuous bursts
  • Ergonomic handle - Comfortable to hold, non-slip handle
  • Reservoir door - Easily refillable with mouthwash or water
  • Battery indication - Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to two weeks between charges

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AirFloss Pro
AirFloss Pro
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