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Item #28939
Original Rice Drink Powder by Growing Naturals
Original Rice Drink Powder
Size:14 servings

Growing Naturals has harvested the secret of whole grain brown rice, unleashing all its amazing possibilities, lifelong nutrition, easy applications and delicate flavor. It is low in fat, sodium and is cholesterol-free. Great for baking & cooking!

  • Protein, Vitamin & Calcium Rich: Only non-dairy drink that is nutritionally equivalent to milk with 8x the protein of the leading rice milk.
  • Whole Grain: The only patented Whole Grain Rice Milk that truly contains the WHOLE rice kernel.
  • Allergen & Lactose-Free: Only non-dairy milk source endorsed by and partnered with the Celiac Foundation.
  • Portability & Stability: Tired of spoiled liquid rice milk? Powder can sit on the shelf and when needed just mix on the go!
  • Multi-Use: The best of two worlds. As liquid, great for blending, drinking and putting on cereals and as powder great for cooking & baking.
  • Compact: Less lugging around, packaging and shelf space.

Other Benefits:

  • Great Tasting
  • Soy & Corn-Free
  • Organic
  • Economical
  • Less Carbs
  • Same Protein as Dairy Milk
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