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XO ECO Shopper

Created by celebrity-fashion-designer Lauren Conrad, this messenger style collapsible bag is ideal for shopping, grocery, or travel. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled bottle fabric from REPREVE, the xo(eco) Hip Pod, gives new purpose to used plastic bottles. Portable, washable, and convenient, the bag easily folds into small pouch attached to inside of the bag and holds up to 20 pounds. Additional features include: made from 50% post-consumer recycled bottle fabric from REPREVE ; BPA Free; 190 thread provides a flexible and supple feel of high-end portable bags.; includes impact label that features number of bottles upcycled into REPREVE bottle fabric and carbon footprint; and donation of 1% of profits to ocean research and conservation.

Blue Avocado offers products for women on the go that are light on environmental waste and heavy on sass, style, and inspiration. Through a mixable family of multipurpose bags and accessories, BlueAvocado products collapse and fold to create the perfect on the go system that works for any lifestyle.  All products are durable, lead-free, washable and include a carbon label to track environmental impact. Featuring a premium line of certified recycled REPREVE fibers, Blue Avocado makes it easy for anyone to reduce environmental waste and inspires a functional, collapsible, and super cute way to remove the bag clutter from your life - and look good doing it!

Love Your Bagger
The average grocery bagger has about 7 seconds to spend with every bag he packs. While that's nowhere near enough time to fully appreciate the gro-pak family of products, it's plenty of time to pack it full of groceries. Here are a couple of tips to help him "get it done."

Each bag has a special purpose. You want your produce in your mesh pod and your frozens in your hip chil or big chil. So when you're emptying your cart onto the belt, the items you want in that bag. For example, if you want all your frozen goods in your Big Chil, lay the Big Chil on the belt first, and then place your frozen goods behind it. Repeat this step with every bag. This way, your bagger will get a bag and a nice trail of goodies to fill it with - within 7 seconds of course.

Remembering Your Bags
"I always forget..." Here are some tips and tools to make the BlueAvocado family a part of your everyday life.

  • Set the intention: Perhaps a bit too out there for some, but setting your intention with each purchase is the first step. As soon as you unload, take them back to your car, or put them by the back door. Try this for 10 days, and you will kick the bag forgetfulness habit ASAP!
  • Honor your excuses: "But I use plastic bags for diapers, dog poop, kitty litter." No worries, there are great biodegradable alternatives, like muttmitts and poopbags.

Bag Clutter
If you're a first-generation reusable bagger, then you probably have bags out the wazoo. Here are a few ways to clear the bag clutter:

  • Donate to a local shelter
  • Find a local designer who works with plastics/materials - check out craigslist
  • Reuse the cheaper bags for gift-wrapping or storage
  • Take to a thrift store - that old canvas bag is vintage fashion just waiting to happen!
  • And once you're done with BlueAvocado product, send it back and they'll make sure it's upcycled in the most effective manner to the existing product line, or donated to a local shelter.
What are the bags made of? Are the bags machine washable?

Yes! BlueAvocado bags are made from polyester made from recycled materials and are machine washable with cold water, and hang dry. These products are made from 50% recycled REPREVE polyester fibers which are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable using post-consumer (PET bottles).

Do Blue Avocado Bags contain lead?
Blue Avocado's fabric does not contain any detectable levels of lead. Based on September 2010 test reports from SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, BlueAvocado fabric and insulation are lead-free and compliant with SGS testing including Prop65 measures which adhere to the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act that was enacted in California in 1986 to address growing concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. Blue Avocado materials are made with Repreve recycled polyester fibers from Unifi, which provides an additional level of testing against Oeko-Tex 100 Standard for Class 1 Criteria, which is the most stringent category. Lead consistently tests as "none detected." In addition, Repreve's unique UTRUST certification program ensures a clean and traceable water stream made from plastic bottles and waste yarn. BlueAvocado offers customers two ways to reduce their impact on the planet - by reclaiming waste bottles into useful products and by avoiding hundreds of plastic bags annually. BlueAvocado continues to look for ways to offer safe, sustainable products to inspire and delight their customers.

Why Blue Avocado?
The dream for starting Blue Avocado was to empower everyday shoppers to take small steps that make a BIG impact on the environment and the communities in which they live. Not just for themselves - but most important for future generations.

Blue Avocado is about the marriage of style and sustainability. The avocado stands as a symbol for the green that resides inside each of us. And the blue is evocative of style and simplicity - those traits that make it easy to grab hold of the movement and bring some joy back into the shopping experience.

The idea behind Blue Avocado is to create lifestyle products that make it easy to do good and ultimately get it done - in style.

How did Blue Avocado get started?
Facing the imminent plastic bags bans that were occurring across the country - and specifically in their hometown Austin, Texas - they came together as 3 women, each with different styles and sensibilities to tackle the issue.

They spoke to over 300 people - family, friends, and colleagues - to determine what was needed to start to change shopping behavior. What they heard overwhelmingly is that people were tired of having to choose between what was convenient and what was right. To create the ripple they hoped to make, they were told they needed to create something that is cute, convenient and green - hands down.

Ten prototypes later, and lots of feedback under their belts, they launched with the Gro-Pak, the first fashion-forward grocery system that tackles functionality (produce, insulated, carry-all and stuff-n-go bags) and collapsibility (all bags fold into themselves as well as the main pack for easy storage - eliminating the clutter). And they have tried to make it fashionable to help people remember their bags. When all is said and done, the hope is that these bags bring a little joy back into the shopping experience. And now, they have extended the product line into new categories including lunch, travel and storage to create the perfect mix of products to fit any on-the-go lifestyle.

Do you recycle or upcycle old products?
Blue Avocado is currently assessing the best end use of these products. They are performing energy analysis to understand the breakdown of the current materials to be reused in future materials. In the meantime, they encourage several aspects of upcycling to include stripping of current fabric to be used for future products, donation to local shelters, art co-ops, or you can send it back to Blue Avocado, and they'll make sure it's upcycled in the most effective manner to the existing product line, or donated to a local shelter.

How are these bags different from other reusable bags?
First of all, all Blue Avocado lifestyle products are part of the Gro-Pak system. It is a family of bags. Each bag stands on their own and folds up on their own, but the beauty of it is that they all fold together and collapse - eliminating the clutter of numerous bags strewn in the back of your car or home.

Also, each bag has versatile handles as well as a "d-ring" or caribiner that allows the shopper to carry multiple bags with the weight evenly distributed for the urban walking consumer or the shopper who likes to bring all of their bags in at once.

Finally, each gro pak bag is labeled with a carbon footprint label that highlights the impact (both plastic bags and carbon emissions avoided) per trip and per year.

How "green" is Blue Avocado?
It is their vision to avoid 1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions by inspiring customers with products that make it easy to "do good and get it done." From the triple-bottom line business model to their "one-planet" sustainability charter to products and packaging to the Billion Bag Pledge, BlueAvocado is committed to reducing their use of natural resources, avoiding waste and creating social change.

These products invite people to take the first step on a green journey. By using Blue Avocado products, shoppers are able to avoid over 1000 plastic bags annually and nearly 25 pounds of CO2 emissions. These products are made from 50% recycled Repreve polyester materials, which are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable using PET bottles.

As part of their commitment to educate and inspire customers at every opportunity, they have introduced the first carbon footprint label for bags that highlights the impact of the number of plastic bags avoided per trip and per year, along with the carbon emissions avoided listed on the label reflects the audited number (provided by Green Mountain Energy) of the entire supply chain. In addition, they provide a carbon footprint for each product. The hope is that this "nutrition label for the planet" helps to provide "conversation starter" for people to recognize the linkage between their shopping behavior and the ultimate carbon impact on the planet.

Their working daily assumption is that there is just one planet, and it will take everyone coming together to preserve and protect it for generations to come.

What is the Billion Bag Pledge, and who is Schlumpy?
Blue Avocado has created the billion bag pledge because the devastating environmental effects of plastic bags are too big to ignore. That's why Schlumpy, the plastic 8-foot ball too big to ignore, has traveled to cities like Los Angeles, Austen, Atlanta, Nashville and Chicago, to promote awareness and encourage people to take the first step with the pledge.

Where are the bags manufactured?
The bags are manufactured in China. They started their journey over three years ago with an all-organic cotton system manufactured in Texas. It would have had to retail for over $200. The founders came together to make their first major business decision - what was the impact they hoped to achieve through the product offerings? The belief was that the impact would be greater by getting the system into the hands of many versus those of an elite few.

In China, they have visited the facilities and audited their practices to ensure they meet the country's environmental, health, safety and labor requirements. China is the largest manufacturer of recycled materials and because of their commitment to providing product with recycled materials, they would have had to source their materials from there, regardless. As they looked at major retailers across the country and their manufacturing partnerships in China, they realized as a start-up of 3, they must begin there as well. Their manufacturer has become a trusted partner and collaborator.

That said, they have challenged themselves and their suppliers to someday create product right here in their backyard. They are seeking the support of retailers interested in making that investment.

What is the impact Blue Avocado hopes to make?
The vision for the company is four-fold:

  • Create an impact that makes a ripple - where the acts of one effect the lives of many.
  • Empower millions of people to reduce their carbon footprint - because they can.
  • Take a stand for the planet and leave it billions of pounds lighter in CO2 emissions
  • Invest in the dreams and journeys of women entrepreneurs (1% of sales going back to

What has been your impact to date?

  • Products help avoid 46 MM disposables from entering the waste stream.
  • Upcycled 805,000 plastic bottles through their Repreve fabric
  • Invest in over 150 women micro-entrepreneurs from Nicaragua to Ghana

What's the big deal about carbon emissions?
Carbon dioxide emissions are the most prevalent greenhouse gas, representing about 82% of greenhouse gases. To prevent global warming, they have to find a way as individuals and businesses to reduce CO2 emissions - and it must be done now. In 2006 alone, the US produced 130,083,000,000,000 pounds of CO2.

How do carbon emissions affect global warming?
Carbon dioxide is emitted when fossil fuels - such as gasoline, oil, and coal - are burned and it traps heat in the atmosphere. They produce more CO2 than the environment can process, raising the temperature of the planet. If the earth's average temperature increases even a few degrees, gigantic changes can happen. Glaciers can melt. Oceans can get too warm, causing fierce hurricanes. Basically it's a different world than the one we know.

What can I do?

  • Assess your carbon footprint: Awareness breeds change. The average American household emits 55,000 pounds of CO2 each year. Find out how big your impact is on the planet and start reducing it today.
  • Use alternative energy: Electricity production is the leading source of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Switching to green power, made from sources like wind and water, can dramatically decrease your household's carbon footprint.
  • Take public transportation: if the number of Americans taking public transit to work increased by 10%, CO2 emissions could be reduced by almost 6,000,000,000 pounds per year.
  • Recycle: for every pound of office paper recycled, CO2 emissions are reduced by 4 pounds.
  • Reuse: The Blue Avocado line of bags invite you to use them again and again - in fact, at least 100 times a year. Invest in product that help you shift from a disposable to a reusable way of life. It feels good.

At Blue Avocado, they want to make it easy to do good and get it done. They achieve this mission by inspiring, empowering and enlightening their customers with cool products for a hot planet. Their dream is to build a brand that creates products that inspire through design, invite change through purpose, and deliver results through use.

  • Joy! Smile Out Loud!
    • Celebrate each step along the way
    • Find humor in the ups and downs
    • Believe there can be joy in change
    • Celebrate yourself, friends, family and community
    • Laugh and celebrate in style
  • Inspiration - Dig Deep!
    • Have faith and confidence in individual and team abilities.
    • Listen loud.
    • Value diverse perspectives.
    • Create open and honest communication within the team.
  • Innovation - Think Big!
    • Challenge yourself to dream and do.
    • Do things differently.
    • Be results driven.
    • Measure what matters.
  • Empower - Express Yourself!
    • Believe people can achieve greatness.
    • Believe in the power of positive thinking and doing.
    • Provide opportunities for people to realize their potential.
    • Watch people grow.
  • Community - Pay It Forward!
    • Be passionate about giving back.
    • Believe change starts with a ripple and end with a splash.
  • Environment - Discover Your Inner Green!
    • Honor the planet - we only have one.
    • Treat people, land, water, and sky with Reverence.
    • Preserve these precious resources for future generations.

However, this mission is not just about the customers' journeys - it's about Blue Avocado's. Their collective impact includes their operations, their employees, their manufacturers, their suppliers, their retailers, and their communities.

They have employed a stakeholder-driven business model that challenges them to examine their decisions, protect the biosphere and reduce their impact on the planet.

Start With A Ripple
BlueAvocado believes that every journey begins with a single step. Ultimately, they hope to turn these ripples into waves - understanding that one small ripple can inspire many more. With that as a guiding philosophy, Blue Avocado partners with non-profit organizations and schools to help them achieve fundraising goals by providing a percentage of of sales to the partner organization. They also look for creative ways in their marketing efforts showcase non-profits and bring attention to their great efforts that make an impact.

Helping Hands
Blue Avocado encourages employees to participate in non-profit organizations and make time for them to volunteer at their schools, and with organizations in the community. They hope you will join. Own the momentum and share your passion for a better planet with family, friends and community.

Community Investment Through Entrepreneurship
Through partnerships with organizations such as and Whole Planet Foundation, Blue Avocado hopes to inspire customers, vendors and strategic partners by investing 1% of their income towards hundreds of micro-enterprises around the globe.

Discover Your Inner Green - Components Of Healthy Shopping

  • Produce makes perfect: The more time spent in the produce section, the better! Skip the processed foods and stick to what you'd find in a garden, field or orchard.
  • Eat close to home: purchasing locally grown foods will keep your grocery list in season and attune you to the cycles of nature. Being mindful of where your food comes from will positively impact you, your family, and the planet.
  • Clean foods: seek out foods with the simplest ingredients, and buy organic when possible. Avoid refined sugar and flour and check the label to make sure your foods are chemical free.
  • Soul foods: remember that what you eat doesn't just fill your belly but also nourishes your heart and soul. Be mindful and the experience of eating will be a wholly satisfying one.
  • Be adventurous: eating a variety of whole foods daily provides diverse nutrients and prevents deficiencies. A colorful plate is a healthy plate!

Blue Avocado's eco-impact label reminds you of the change you are making of waste avoided and how you are reducing your carbon footprint. At a glance you can see:

  • Waste avoided by using these bags per trip and annually
  • BlueAvocado product carbon footprints from factory to your doorstep
  • CO2 emissions avoided by using each Blue Avocado product each trip and each year
  • In 2010, BlueAvocado products have eliminated more than 46 million disposables from the waste stream, avoided 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, and upcycled up to 805 thousand plastic bottles through their fabric.

Cool Products For A Hot Planet
Welcome to Blue Avocado, where an eco-conscious and reusable lifestyle means both doing good and looking good. Explore the Eco-Collection featuring a selection of inspired products designed to replace disposable items with durable options and give a little something back in the process.

Made from Repreve certified, recycled polyester fabric, these products give new life to recycled plastic bottles and feature an impact label to help you map your green journey.

Discover new ways to reduce your impact with Blue Avocado - from lunch, to travel, to storage, to beauty and beyond. And of course, feel the love.

Blue Avocado is the love child of style and sustainability, born and bred by 3 women in Austin, Texas. At first, they set out to change just one thing - the way you shop. So they built a company run by women for the good of everybody. Then, they designed a mixable family of lifestyle products light on environmental waste and heavy on sass, style, inspiration. Featuring certified recycled Repreve fibers, all of their products are durable, lead-free, washable and include a carbon label to track environmental impact.

BlueAvocado makes it easy for anyone to reduce environmental waste and inspire change for good. In 2011, BlueAvocado products have eliminated more than 46 million disposables from the waste stream, upcycled up to 805 thousand plastic bottles through their fabric, inspired over 150 micro-entrepreneurs around the globe through donating 1% of sales to organizations such as and Whole Planet Foundation, and inspired thousands of Americans to join the green journey.

Their dream is to build a brand that creates products that inspire through design, invite change through purpose, and deliver results through use. They are BlueAvocado. They didn't set out to change the world - but with your help, they just might.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.