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Sunkist Liquid Protein Shots


Meet Sunkist Protein! Sunkist Protein is small, convenient, clean, and delicious. From one of the world's most trusted global brands, Sunkist Protein gives you the concentrated liquid protein you're looking for with the great taste you'd expect from Sunkist. The most convenient and best tasting liquid protein.

  • 100% Naturally Flavored
  • Fat Free
  • GMO Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lactose Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Gluten Free

The Special Protein Shot

We know that the human body cannot live without protein. It is second only to water as the most abundant element in the human body. We know that our bodies are able to absorb only a fraction of the nutrients we consume with each meal. We also know that all nutrients are not created equally. Some are natural, others are synthetic. Protein is easily neglected from meals, since most foods are abundant in carbohydrates and fats. And often, when we find a food that is high in protein, it is generally high in saturated fat, as well, making it difficult for our body to digest. Sunkist Protein is here to meet the challenge!

Manufactured in the United States of America by Protica Nutritional Research, all Sunkist Protein products contain the patent-pending protein formulation called Actinase, which is an all-natural protein compound with the following special characteristics:

Smooth Taste and Texture

Actinase has a very neutral organoleptic profile (i.e. the characteristics related to the sense of taste and smell). Actinase also has a smooth texture. These features provide the foundation for the palatable flavors without the use of heavy flavorings or sweeteners.


Actinase undergoes a process called enzymatic hydrolysis. This process breaks protein molecules into smaller units called peptides. The average molecular weight of the peptides in Actinase is 1,400 daltons ("dalton" is the unit of measurement for atomic weight). The human body can readily digest and absorb peptides, which is why they are also used in infant formulas. A byproduct of the hydrolization process is that many of the allergens typically found in proteins are removed.

Highly Bioavailable

Actinase is easy to digest because the protein molecules are enzymatically hydrolyzed to form peptides (i.e. small protein molecules). Peptides are easier for the body to digest and assimilate. With a precise combination of protein blends, Actinase provides an efficaciously balanced amino acid profile. The combination of amino acids in Actinase is so closely aligned with the human body nutritional axis that the absorption and assimilation rates exceed that of traditional proteins.


The molecular structure of Actinase is extremely dense, making Sunkist Protein one of the most concentrated protein beverages on the market. This unique characteristic allows consumption of ample amounts of protein in a very small fluid volume (eg. 25 grams of protein in 2.5 fluid ounces).

Pharmaceutical grade nutrients for assured purity

Nutrients are processed in a variety of grades. Each grade is appropriate for a different circumstance. Pharmaceutical Grade denotes the highest standard in processing. All of the nutrients used in Sunkist Protein formulations are classified as pharmaceutical grade to assure the highest purity.

All Natural Nutrients

Sunkist Protein only uses all natural vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

Zero fat, zero carbohydrates

Sunkist Protein is fat-free and carbohydrate-free, making it an ideal addition to any meal or snack.

Increased thermo genesis

The ingestion of food produces energy in the form of heat. This is evidenced by a noticeable increase in body heat during and after a heavy meal. This process burns calories and is called "thermo genesis." In the two to three hour period following a meal, ingested fats may increase energy production up to 3 percent, carbohydrates up to 10 percent, and protein all the way up to 30 percent. Meal-induced thermo genesis for the average person is about 8 percent. For those on most diets, it is only about 4 or 5 percent. The rich protein content of Sunkist Protein provides maximum opportunity for efficient thermo genesis.

About Protica

Protica pledges excellence in everything they make and market, providing you with the safest, most effective and highest-quality products. They promise to improve Their products through innovation, diligent research and development and an unyielding commitment to be the very best.

Protica pledges courteous, efficient and ethical behavior and practices; respect for your interests; and an open door. They pledge to build and uphold the trust and goodwill that are the foundation of successful business relationships.

Protica pledges conscientious citizenship, a helping hand for worthwhile causes and constructive action that supports a clean and healthy environment. They pledge Protica to the highest standard of moral and ethical behavior and to policies and practices that fully embody the responsibility, integrity and decency required of free enterprise if it is to merit and maintain the confidence of their society.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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